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Walking Dead Season High Ratings

AMC’s The Walking Dead is one of TV’s hottest new shows — and it has the numbers to prove it!

The zombie series’ fifth episode averaged 5.5 million viewers on Sunday night (November 28), a 15 percent hike from the show’s fourth episode, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Miley Cyrus Gets Pampered With Mom

Miley spends some much needed quality time with her mom, Tish Cyrus, by hitting a nail salon and then grabbing lunch at Panera Bread in Los Angeles on Black Friday

The following day, the 18-year-old singer was all thumbs-up as she was spotted in the valley and left a friend’s house in Toluca Lake

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Remember the Nicole and Jay-Z Rumor

Why are you throwing up the “Roc” Dynasty symbol?
Rumor with Jay Z a few yrs back, possibly working on a track with Hov, maybe just nothing………………………

We are not sure about the hair yet?????????

Whats your thoughts? Please leave comments below.

Nicole and Lewis Hamilton were in Dubai earlier this month, and he did accompany her to London.

Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian former BFF

Kim Kardashian former BFF Paris Hilton out in Hollywood. We wonder if Kim ever said “Thank you Paris for putting me on” the map, she is def winning with everything now.

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Travis Porter Signs to Jive Record

The trio, which reportedly inked the deal last week, plans to keep up their current pace of four shows a week and work on individual songs until they release their freshman LP on their own label, Porter House/Jive.
No release date for the album has been given.
TP – Strapz, Ali and Quez – garnered a major buzz with the song, “All The Way Turnt Up” featuring Roscoe Dash and the follow up club banger “Go Shorty.”
Their current single, “Make It Rain” recently debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.


Latest Kardashian hitting the scene, Kylie Jenner

13 year old Kylie Jenner is taking after her big sisters and getting in front of the camera.

Guess Which Celebrity Power Couple is headed for Divorce? David Beckham gets hit with New Cheating Claims!

Just six weeks after being hit by unproven allegations of extramarital affairs, soccer star David Beckham is facing a new batch of claims.

Papers filed in a California court last week by ‘In Touch’ magazine and its parent company, ‘Bauer’ claim the 35-year old sportsman had an affair with an LA-based lingerie saleswoman, and met her at the Figueroa Hotel after Lakers basketball games. The papers also claim that:

1) This alleged mistress showed friends texts from David.

2) David was seen in the Sunset Towers Hotel on Sunset Boulevard one night “talking anxiously on the phone,” then leaving with a ‘pretty young blond.’

3) Three sources saw David at two other hotels “with women who were not his wife.”

The papers also allege the Beckham’s nanny saw ‘suggestive texts’ that imply he had an affair with Shery Shabani, a married jeweler from Beverly Hills whose children attend the same private school as David’s three boys.

But a source close to the star says Dave is unmoved;

“This is a smokescreen and it’s not going to hold up in court,” the pal told Radar. “This posturing, with no evidence and no facts isn’t going to stall the inevitable.”

These latest unfounded claims follow In Touch’s last fact-free tale that David had a torrid affair in 2007 with a Bosnian escort, Irma Nici. Dave is now suing her and the mag, but the folks at ‘Us’ seem unbowed;

“Before we received information concerning his relationship with Nici, the magazine had been working on stories about Beckham’s reputation for adultery,” Us’s Executive Editor, Deborah Baer tells the court. “In March, one of our reporters received information that a woman at a lingerie store had an affair with Beckham. That employee told friends, and we pursued the story.”

They sent a hack to Hawaii to track down the girl’s parents, but had no luck. But read on;

“We also learned she showed another friend a text from Mr. Beckham,” Baer writes. “We understood he would meet her at the Figueroa, and we confirmed he stayed there more than once.

They then contacted the woman in question – who promptly tore the whole story to shreds. But despite denials from both the ‘victim’ and David, the stupid rolls on;

“We elected not to publish the article,” Ms. Baer modestly writes. “But we continue to believe Mr. Beckham did have a relationship with this woman.”

As for Ms. Shabani, her husband named David in their divorce case and told Us Weekly David had an affair with her. The publishers then added the [unproven] tales of Ms. Nicci and printed the story with enormous fanfare.

David and his wife, Victoria are now suing them for $25-million – plus punitive damages – for ever running the tale.

“The case arises from the defendant’s publication of lies to make money for themselves and to embarrass and inflict emotional distress upon Beckham,” says their writ. “The defendants published these statements with malice and with intent to profit by causing harm to Beckham.”

The publishers have since filed a motion to get the case dropped, claiming they “did nothing more than report what we believed was true.” according to the papers. “In Touch published its article based on the first-hand recollections of Irma Nici as confirmed by [her pimp] Kristin Davis,” they claimed in the filing.

Then comes this priceless prose;

“Beckham offers nothing other than his word to dispute the well-researched, well-sourced story that In Touch Weekly published.”

Their whole case is based on the unproven ramblings of a husband facing a crushing divorce, a Bosnian hooker and her pimp…And they call it ‘well-sourced.’

Guess this explains all of the pictures lately with him and his kids only,

Tickled Pink 4 This Lipstick

Tickled Pink 4 This Lipstick!!!

Tailzz u win!

MAC has done it again….Pink Friday is the most adorable shade of pink. You can play it up if you like or leave it the way it is – either way it is FAB.. Pink Friday is a playful shade of pink without looking childish. This pink is for the Grown &…Sexy.  It was in high demand and sold out on its debut. I suggest that you get in line on friday 12/3  when it goes on sale again….

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Monster Mondays Swizz Beats & Dirty Money

[cincopa AcBAfX6UV7eq]


President Obama may freeze federal workers pay

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Monday will propose a two-year freeze on the pay of federal workers, as he seeks to show he is committed to reining in the ballooning U.S. budget deficit.

The freeze would save $2 billion in the current 2011 fiscal year, $28 billion over the next five years, and more than $60 billion over 10 years, according to the White House. It would apply only to civilian workers.

Obama was to announce the freeze at 11:35 a.m. EST. Any pay freeze would require congressional approval.

The move is part of an effort by Obama to push back against opposition Republicans, who have labeled the president and his Democrats as big spenders while taking aim at his policies such as an $814 billion stimulus package and healthcare reform.

“Just as families and businesses around the nations are tightening their belts in this economy, so must the government,” said White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer.

Fresh from big victories in congressional elections earlier this month, Republicans have vowed to cut domestic spending and have talked of freezing the pay of government workers.

Republicans have tried to put Obama on the defensive about the budget deficit, which hit $1.3 trillion in the fiscal year that ended in September.


Pic from Recess T. Bonney party in DC

In case you missed one of the best events in DC,
check out the pictures below with Wale, Tabi Bonney and DC finest