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Trey Songz, Ciara, T.I and Dr. J front and center at the Heat vs Hawks game

Rumor!!! Is Janet Jackson engaged to her Billionaire Boyfriend?

According to the magazine In Touch, Janet Jackson just got engaged. Here’s what they’re saying:

It’s been a while since Janet’s had something to smile about. But more than a year after her brother Michael’s tragic death, the 44-year-old superstar is finally happy again.

Dating Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana, 35, since the spring, Janet isn’t just madly in love with her younger beau – – she’s engaged!

According to a friend, Wissam popped the question in mid-October with a 15-carat diamond ring

Jennifer Lopez’s twins are the new faces of Gucci’s children line

S.I Fortunate 50 The 50 highest-earning American athletes

NAME                               SALARY                       HOMETOWN                  MARTIAL STATUS

1. Tiger Woods $90,508,163 Tiger’s off-course troubles cost him millions in endorsements — he was dropped by Gatorade, AT&T and Accenture. But a $10 million FedEx Cup bonus helps keep him at his usual No. 1 perch.

2. Phil Mickelson           $61,660,757              San Diego,CA

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr. $60,250,000        Grand Rapid,MI             Sizzlin’ Single
4. LeBron James             $45,779,912              Akron,OH

5. Alex Rodriguex          $37,000,000         New York,N.Y.

6. Shaquille O’Neal        $36,000,000           Newark,New Jersey

7. Kobe Bryant              $33,034,375             Philadelphia,PA

8. Derek Jeter                $31,000,000            Pequannock,New Jersey

9. Peyton Manning      $30,800,000            New Orleans,LA

10. Dwyane Wade        $27,779,912              Chicago,IL

11. Matthew Stafford $27,650,000             Dallas,TX

12. Dwight Howard    $27,202,590              Atlanta,GA

13. CC Sabathia tie     $26,500,000             Vallejo,CA

14. Eli Manning tie    $26,500,000              New Orleans,LA

15. Kevin Garnett     $26,417,044               Mauldin,South Carolina

16. Dale Earnhardt Jr $26,097,190          Concord,North Carolina

17. Philip Rivers       $25,850,000             Decatur,Alabama

18.Tim Duncan          $25,683,218              Christiansted,St.Croix

19.Terrell Suggs        $24,975,000             Minneapolis,MN

20. Albert Haynesworth   $24,750,000     Hartsville,South Carolina

21. Brett Favre          $24,000,000          Kiln,Mississippi

22. Jermaine O’ Neal $23,266,000       Columbia,South Carolina

23. Amare’ Stoudemire     $23,128,325    Orlando,Fl

24. Tracey McGrady          $22,733,124     Auburndale,Fl

25. Carmelo Anthony        $21,779,912      Brooklyn,N.Y.

26. John Lackey                   $21,700,000    Abilene,TX

27. Paul Pierce                      $21,595,712      Inglewood,CA

28. Darvius Heyward-Bey $21,505,000   Silver Springs,MD

29. Jeff Gordon                     $21,476,460    Pittsboro,IN

30. Vernon Wells                $21,250,000    Rushworth

31. Vince Carter                  $21,123,250     Daytona Beach,Fl

32. Albert Pujols                $21,000,000     Santo Domingo,D.R.

33. Jason Smith                  $20,645,000     Dallas,TX

34. Ryan Howard               $20,500,000    St.Louis,Missouri

35. Mark Teixeira              $20,250,000    Annapolis,MD

36. Julius Peppers            $20,075,000    Wilson,N.Carolina

37. Ray Allen                      $19,526,860      Merced,CA

38. Vince Wilfolk               $18,975,080     Boynton Beach,Fl

39. Barry Zito                     $18,600,000     Las Vegas,NV

40. DeAngelo Hall            $18,575,000      Chesapeake,VA

41. Torii Hunter                $18,600,000      Pine Bluff,AR

42. Tyson Jackson           $18,200,000      Edgard,LA

43. Josh Beckett               $17,500,000     Spring,TX                       Sizzlin’Single

44. Jimmie Johnson       $17,339,630      EL Cajoh,CA

45. Micheal Redd             $17,290,000     Columbus,OH                 Married

46. Rashard Lewis           $17,160,791      Pineville,VA

47 .David Ortiz                  $17,000,000    Santo Domingo,D.R.

48. Mark Sanchez            $16,962,280      Mission Viejo,CA

49. DeMarcus Ware        $16,800,000    Auburn,Alabama

50. A.J. Burnett              $16,775,000    North Little Rock,AR

Beyonce and Jay Z expecting their first child!!!!

Beyonce Knowles better brush up on her lullabies.

The 29-year-old singer is pregnant with her first child, the new Us Weekly reports.

Despite the happy news, no one was more surprised than the singer herself.

“B was shocked. She loves kids, but she wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet,” says a source of the singer, who married rapper Jay-Z in 2008. “She really wanted to get her album done and tour the world again.”

Still, another insider says that the singer, who is in her first trimester, realizes that “this is a gift from God and she’s so happy.”

Friends of the couple are already expressing their well-wishes for the parents-to-be.

“Jay has been all about family since I met him, and he’s always going to be,” record executive Kevin Liles, who has known the rapper for years, tells Us. “I wish them the best.”

Gucci goes to Rehab!!!!

Rumor Gucci goes to rehab!!!!

Mike Tyson Sued for $25 Million

Mike Tyson Sued for $25 Million.

Rihanna confirmed to kick off American Music Awards…

Rihanna confirmed to kick off American Music Awards…

Nov 21st Nokia 8pm

Nicki Minaj Dismisses Diddy

We will see if she goes back to Waka’s mom- or whoever !!!!!

Halle Berry is So Stunning, as she host the Spike TV Awards

Lo Smooth “the realist”

Only after 4 months of dating Shannon Brown and Monica are engaged!!! Congrats

This is what it looks like when you “have love all over” you… the 10-karat bauble probably doesn’t hurt either.
Monica was spotted at last night’s “Black Girls Rock” awards/concert rocking rather impressive new piece of jewelry. And before the night was over, she confirmed her engagement to her laker boo Shannon Brown.

Now we know you’re looking at that picture saying, isn’t that Monica’s right hand?