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FBI Raids Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Own Producer Mally Mal’s Home


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” producer Mally Mall had his Nevada home raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) this morning. Details of the early morning raid on Mall’s Las Vegas residence have surfaced. Look what trying to be a reality star gets ya. Smh! Should’ve stayed off of love and hip hop if he knew he wasn’t all the way legit. It appears that he runs an escort service and is accused of human trafficking.
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Chris Brown Shoves Fan After She Tries to Kiss Him


Chris Brown got physical with a woman after she jumped in front of him during a nightclub appearance in Houston and even though she initiated the encounter, Chris’s questionable reaction was side eye… But in Chris’s defense, you can’t just reach out and touch everyone.
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Could Rihanna Be The Next Bond Girl ?

rihanna mtv 2014 2

I can totally see it if this happens, rumor has it that Rihanna could be the Next Bond girl, she is set to make a cameo appearance in the next Bond film.
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Wendy Williams Gets Convenient Amnesia When Asked About Charlamagne Tha God During An Interview


Wendy Williams gave Charlamagne his break in radio back in  early 2008 on her show “The Wendy Williams Experience” on WBLS, well during the interview when asked about him she made it seem like she didn’t know who they were talking about.

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Call Maury: Wiz Khalifa Claims Amber Rose Cheated on him With their Driver, Which Looks Like Sebastian’s Twin


I am laughing so hard right now, because this story is getting crazier by the minute,  now Wiz is trying to claim that Amber slept with the help, which was their driver and that she has cheated on him through out the marriage. I don’t know I think Wiz is on a slander campaign  against Amber and it’s getting beyond  messy at this point.

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Watch Jay-Z & Beyoncé’s Global Citizen Concert performance


global citizen

Jay-Z’s performed at the 3rd Annual Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, New York on Saturday, September 27 , the superstar encouraged the crowd of over 60,000 to help end world poverty. The Global Citizen festival united the music industry’s biggest stars and the world’s humanitarian leaders to spotlight efforts that could change millions of lives across the globe by 2030. Celebrity activists, world leaders and 60,000 people were in attendance to watch Fun., JAY Z, Tiësto, No Doubt, Carrie Underwood and The Roots and more.

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Lil Kim and Fendi Get Messy, Talk Nicki Minaj Being a Groupie, YMCMB Deal and More With The Breakfast Club


Four years later and Lil Kim is talking about Nicki Minaj and her groupie ways, which I don’t doubt… Maybe it’s a Sag thing… But this interview was very telling and this time Kim bought the person who discovered Nicki Minaj at first, Fendi.

He tells everything, even how Nicki went behind his back and secured a deal with YMCMB, he still owns the trademark Nicki Minaj.com, when they parted ways she only offered him $15k for his services… And swerved.. Before people start going in and saying that he’s being salty, just think about it, you put together an artist entire image, even her name, you should just be happy with not getting paid? You wouldn’t be salty either? Coat tail rider to the fullest extent of the law… She waited on someone to put everything together for her and she ished on them major.

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Veteran Actor John Cusack Calls Hollywood a Whorehouse, Compares it to Kiddie Porn

Veteran actor John Cusack is speaking on Hollywood and their antics. Especially towards young actors, women and the older ones in general.

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Viola Davis Slayed The New York Times With This One Tweet

Viola Davis is my girl and she slays as an actress, now she has a hit show on ABC, which was written and produced by Shonda Rhimes called “How to Get Away With Murder”. The New York Times had some not so nice things to say about her, comparing her skin complexion and acting skills to Kerry Washington and Halle Berry.

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Usher Responds to The Feud Going Between his Ex Wife Tameka Raymond and Sheree Buchanan

In case you haven’t been watching Atlanta Ex’s, I’ll give you a little tea about what’s going between Tameka and Sheree Buchanan. Tameka feels that Sheree has at one point slept with her ex husband Usher, but Sheree completely denies it.
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Lebron James Claim He Would of Stayed in Miami if They Won a Third Championship Title



Lebron James says he may have stayed in Miami had Heat won third straight NBA title, I guess this kills the “touching letter in SI about wanting to return home” …

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Ciara Returns $500k Engagement Ring to Future, Doesn’t Want To Reconcile



Just last month word got out that Ciara was taking back her Fiancé/ Baby Daddy future, after discovering he was creeping. Well, I guess she had a change of heart.
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