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Zoe Saldana and husband reveal twins’ names

zoe saldana

New mother Zoe Saldana reveals her twins names, “Our boys CY and BOWIE are finally here,” Saldana wrote on instagram with a snapshot of two little bottles. The actress and husband Marco Perego welcomed their boys in December.
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Must Read: The Black Church #theblackchurch

the black church

This week author Shawn Pen released his much anticipated book titled “The Black Church.”   The Black Church is the start of Pen’s collection of short stories. The author perfectly zeroed in on the characters and the emotions almost every human can relate or have engaged with. The Black Church..shows support, power, greed, betrayal, money, loyalty respect honor and the most importantly everlasting love.

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New Music Kanye West ft Paul McCartney “Only One”

Only One KAnye West Paul McCartney


Kanye West surprised his fans over the holiday with a tweet featuring new music on the last day of 2014. Kanye West released his new  single featuring  Paul McCartney titled “Only One” via twitter; attached with the tweet was the link to his website KanyeWest.com and a picture of him and his daughter North West.  Take a listen to Only One now by Yeezy and Sir Paul McCartney –its also available on itunes now!!  Read the rest of this entry »

Hollywood Director Judd Apatow Needs a friendly reminder….Didnt he support a self proclaimed sexual predator ???

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The 40-year-old virgin movie director went on an attention seeking twitter rant this week-proving he is no fan of Bill Cosby.The director tweeted about the recent allegations that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted more than 20 women over several decades (which I personally  find HARD TO BELIEVE……) Well his insensitive harsh rant definitely got him some attention….Funny how the same person who was trying to bash Bill Cosby, remained silent throughout the debacle involving alleged false rape accusations by Lena Dunham against a man named Barry, during which Apatow (executive producer of her show) said nothing at all even after her publisher was forced to change her book after receiving legal demands from the accused man’s lawyer, indicating Apatow’s tacit support of Dunham’s accusations against Barry which allegedly proved to be false. Read the rest of this entry »

Did Kinder Morgan Become Upset With The Cosby Family Because They Were Against A Pipeline Constructed On Their Property? Did Kinder Morgan Retain Psy-Ops To Create A Scandal Against Bill Cosby‎?


For some reason the media keeps shoving all of this dirt on Bill Cosby’s legendary name, I asked myself who did he piss off?? Because all of  theses allegations seem so far fetched, seems personal not factual. So I researched a little and wanted to share my thoughts an express my opinion. I am not  a person who believes in conspiracy theories — however I can not figure out why the media keeps force feeding all of us with negative publicity on such a remarkable person.  Read the rest of this entry »

Toya Wright and MempHitz Headed for Divorce?

toya memphitz wedding pictures


Are Toya and Memphitz ready to call it quits?? A lot of couples go through ups and downs, and it looks like one of our cutest reality TV couples are having marital issues too.

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Kim and Kanye Finally Move Out of Her Mom’s Mansion ?


E! News confirms that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have purchased the home adjacent to their massive $20 million estate in Los Angeles’ ultra-luxurious area of Hidden Hills for a reported $2.9 million.

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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Are Engaged!

2451484500000578-2890249-Is_that_an_engagement_ring_The_42_year_old_actress_showed_off_a_-m-64_1419874958944Sofia Vegara and Joe Maganiello have taken the next step in their relationship… On Christmas Day he decided to pop the question.. According to E! news the couple has been dating since July.
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Suge Knight Vows Revenge for 2015, Threatens Drake ?


Suge Knight has had a very hard 2014, he was shot while at a Grammy party hosted by Chris Brown, but didn’t want to snitch on who shot him and he showed support for Lil Wayne wanting to leave Cash Money..
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Rapper YG’s Pregnant Girlfriend Exposes Him For Being Selfish and Giving Her Herpes ?


YG is having some female issues, it appears that his ride or die/possible baby mama puts him on blast for calling her selfish and forcing her to possibly get an abortion after not telling him she slept with some else other than him.  She wrote a long dissertation on Instagram detailing their conversation and how he failed to tell her about having herpes and tried to write her a check to keep quiet about it. This was his girlfriend before the fame, I think she even did time in jail for him..

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Chris Rock and Wife Malaak Compton-Rock have Filed For Divorce


Sad news, Chris Rock and his wife Malaak are ending their marriage after being together for 20 years… His soon to be ex wife released a statement confirming the news…

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Hundreds of Cops Blatantly Disrespect NY Mayor Bill de Blasio

ny mayor

When the blue can’t respect authority, why would we expect them to respect us?? Not only did they disrespect the mayor, most importantly they disrespected the officers who were killed and their family members. It was indeed bad timing…to make a statement.
According to ABC News hundreds of police officers turned their backs on a screen showing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as he spoke at the funeral of one of two officers killed last week in what has been called an “assassination.”

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