Oprah Trying To Land A Sit Down Pow Wow With Lamar Odom ?


The big O is trying to land an interview with Lamar Odom and this would be his first interview since all of his drama broke.  No deal has been made as of yet, but there has been serious discussions going on behind closed doors and if the conditions are  right then Lamar is game.

Nothing is off limits, she will discuss everything from his marriage to Khloe, Drug use and his future in basketball. Lamar is not a fan of interviews, but it seems Oprah gets a pass. I would actually love to see what he would have to say for himself. I mean it get’s no bigger than Oprah, so if he does agree to an interview he better make a lasting impression. And spill it all… But Oprah is no Wendy Williams, who will ask you what the people really want to know. But Oprah will try and indirectly ask, where he would have no choice but to answer. Besides this would be a big pay day for him since his days of playing basketball maybe coming to a halt.

  • Coffy Brown

    This will be good if he answer the questions and doesnt play dodgeball!

  • HollywoodHiccups

    LOL she is such an ambulance chaser.

  • Gigi

    I would prefer to hear this interview after him and Khloe divorce or in the process of divorcing because if this happens while their still married y’all know Kris is going to weasel her way into the mix somehow,someway.

  • Venessa Thomas

    Y??? He iz a crack-head

  • Nic

    This interview will have the attention of everyone on earth if it airs. Right now the drug use is simply a rumor. I would like to hear it from him on whether or not the accusations are true.

    • Coffy Brown

      Did you see the Robin Thicke one!?!

  • MB

    Oprah pays for interviews?

    • Nic

      I believe so. Her network is most likely cutting the checks. Nothing is for free..that goes for Oprah too. I’m sure they give her a lovely discount though.

    • Coffy Brown

      Yea, they pay them a fee and whomever is with them as well – Jason Collins wntire family got a little something too – So heard anyway!