Oprah “Bans” Lindsay Lohan’s Parents From Upcoming Reality Show


¬†I agree with Oprah on this one, her parents especially her mother are way too toxic and tries to live vicariously through Lindsay. Oprah and her team have made an executive decision by not allowing Dina or her father Michael to be apart of Lindsay’s upcoming reality show, which will debut on OWN.

According to TMZ : ¬†Producers are said to be keeping the show’s focus on the 27-year-old’s “comeback and recovery.” They have also reportedly cut any mention of Dina’s DWI arrest last month, where she was busted on Long Island’s Northern State Parkway going 20 mph over the speed limit with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

While show insiders say that Michael and Dina were caught on tape, it is unclear whether or not the footage will make the final cut.


4 thoughts on “Oprah “Bans” Lindsay Lohan’s Parents From Upcoming Reality Show

  1. I’m not making excuses for Lindsay but her parents are one of the reasons why she is so messed up and why she can’t get right. Good call Big O.

  2. There are so many people who want Lindsay to win and get clean and usually that comes from your parents. Unfortunately, her parents are her worst enemy!!

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