Ohio Teen Suffers Broken Heart After Flying to China for Some Long Distance Lovin’


American teenager Pratt who went to China to meet his online love.

They say love can make you do some crazy things, and in the case of one Ohio teen, love not only broke his heart but his wallet as well, after he flew 7,000 miles to China to meet a girl, only to have the girl reject him once he arrived. The 18-year old, who is only known as Pratt, fell in love with the Chinese girl after seeing her pictures online. Pratt even promised the girl that he would one day visit her, but it is assumed that the girl probably didn’t take the teenager seriously, especially when you take into account that he later told police that he didn’t even know her real name! Now it hasn’t been reported whether or not he was sending this chick any money, but I can almost bet that this Chief Keef looking little boy was sending her all his little after school part-time job checks. Why else would she be carrying on this random relationship with this boy? She was probably living good bragging to all her girlfriends about how this boy was sending her money and thinking she would never have to see him, problem is homegirl never expected this boy to show up in China.

Where’s Nev when you need him?!

After getting to China, Pratt tried calling the girl several times, but was told to leave her alone, she even blocked his number. So you mean to tell me that you had this chick number, even knew where she stayed, but didn’t even know her name?! Yea, she was definitely using dude. Pratt then became so depressed that he got drunk, lost all his money and almost drowned (poor thing was “Drunk In Love” and not in a good way). When the police found him he was unconscious and suffering from hypothermia after falling into the Xu River. Now it’s not known whether he accidentally fell into the river or was trying to take his own life but the police that found him said he was lucky to be alive. What makes this story even sadder (if that’s even possible) is that ol’ girl still continued to carry it like a real Chinese OG and continued to play Pratt to the left when she still refused to see him even after the police contacted her about his near death ordeal. The manager of the hotel in which Pratt was staying took pity on him though after his ordeal and let him stay there for free.

Pratt has since recovered and was put on a plane back to Ohio. My question is where were all of Pratt’s homeboys when this whole little courtship and subsequent trip was being planned? Did he not have someone to say that this whole situation was CRAY? Matter of fact where was his mama? I know he is technically grown but 18 is still young enough for your mama to still be all up in your business! I wish my son would try to fly off to China with all his little allowance money to spend on some random chick. Charlamagne from The Breakfast Club even gave this young man the donkey of the day and I agree with him when he said he could have just found a local girl that would have done a lot more for a lot less. Heck you buying plane tickets and sending money to Chun-Li, when Keisha around the street would’ve kicked it with you for some Chik-fil-A and a few bundles of Brazilian remy!


So what do ya’ll think, was baby Wale just being young and dumb or did he deserve to be “Catfished”for flying half way around the world for a girl he had never even met? (I’m personally leaning toward the latter answer)

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  1. If you don’t know a person’s name, which is basic information, you can’t possibly know them enough to love them. The problem with today’s world is that lust and infatuation is considered love so when kids do things like this, I am not shocked. People need to stop calling kids like this dumb and start blaming society, movies, music, TV, that brainwashes kids to think they are “in love” with this perfect love that isn’t real and never was.

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