Odell Beckham Jr. Friend Address Gay Rumors

Its a shame social media will have people thinking dancing makes you gay!! Dancing with a friend and having fun does not make you gay!! Odell Beckham Jr has been the target of jokes on social media for his freedom of expression- and after the most recent video went viral his close friend NFL prospect Kavahra Holmes addresses the rumors.

Lolll it’s crazy how we been brothers for so long and if anybody really knows us know anywhere we go they see us being clowns and dancing but of course it’s made as “we gay”
Lol ain’t no shade no where in the mix.. Strictly brotherhood and just cuz we dancing having fun don’t make us gay.. I dance with our without him and vice versa so the “gay” comments really funny .. We laughing … But we gone keep dancing lol.. Str8 up.. #SQUADDDDDDDDDDDDD @iam_objxiii

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