#NoJusticeNoLebron – Some Call for King James to Sit Out Until Justice is Served


Celebrities are often held to a higher standard in society. With this power they can influence the masses to buy certain clothes, eat certain foods or listen to certain music. Some celebrities even choose to take their power a step further an use it to promote social or political change. While some may choose the latter path others are thrust into that role. Such is the case of basketball superstar, Lebron James. James, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, has been challenged by some to sit out of his NBA games until the Department of Justice agrees to take the case involving the death of Tamir Rice and reverse the decision by the Cleveland Justice Department not to indict the officers involved in his death.

The social media movement #NoJusticeNoLebron was started by Tariq Toure’ but was quickly supported by others who shared Toure’s sentiments.

So what do you think? As a celebrity and Cleveland poster child should Lebron step up or better yet sit out of his games until justice is served? Or are people placing too much pressure on one man to sit out and forfeit his paychecks that are used to support his family?

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