• Coffy Brown

    It ain’t nobody’s business! PERIOD!!! What we eat don’t make the m shit and vice versa! Let me pull a Paula Deen.. If you have never said or done something wrong, then pick up that stone and throw it at his head until he is dead (lol) truth is On;y god van judge him and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink! whether they want to or not, anything they say is under public scrutiny, as they are celebrities and people find their lives more interesting then the ones they personally live! Dissecting someone else s problems doesn’t make your go away, mind ya biz kids

  • Venessa Thomas

    WTF??? He has kids with Nivea?? She got a kid for Lil Wayne too??? Man, this bitch is a hustling azz boss for real. That’s why she doesn’t work….DAM!!! I bet those child support checks look GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Louis Vuitton, Gucci ect….go biatch!!!!!!!!!!!1


    I agree with Twana on that. But still no pics with Violet though. Lol

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  • Twana Tells

    Once again people are making nothing out of something. There is nothing wrong with The Dream expressing his unconditional bond he has with his kids.

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