Nivea Defends Ex- Husband Dream On Instagram


Yesterday the Dream posted picture of his children that he has with his ex-wife Nivea and it captioned by saying “Little People are so dope, Unconditional love and appreciation for life.. Love”  Which I thought that was sweet. Apparently his instagram followers or some didn’t think so and they started with the hate and negative comments towards him and started bashing him for not being a good father.


Several of his instagram followers started going in about him not having any pictures with Violet:

missknowitall2 Why don’t you ever have Christina’s little girl Violet?

imjusta_puella Where is Violet?? She ain’t never with you cause she got a great mama. Smdh

heartlessharsh It sad when Christina boyfriend more of a father to your daughter then you are and you call yourself a good dad you have 4 kids not 3

geminitoochie88 Never see him with violet


Then Nivea chimes in after seeing all of that and said:

thisisnivea @heartlessharsh know what you’re talking love… Hit xtina up if u really give a fuck :/

The and his fiance welcomed their child this past weekend, which was a boy… His fifth her first, the couple plan on marrying at the end of the summer. I guess people are wondering because Christina’s boyfriend Jasprince has several pictures of Violet on his Instagram:


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And yes it looks like he has a much active role in her life than the Dream, but I don’t think that’s true. The Dream put a picture up of her while they were at the grocery store the other day. At the end of the day it’s no one’s business, however, didn’t Christina herself air him out not too long ago? That opened the flood gates for people to criticize him too. I remember The Dream stating that he doesn’t have alot of time to spend with his daughter, so maybe this was validated… But bottom line it’s probably alot of drama behind the scenes… Violet is a cutie.

  • Coffy Brown

    It ain’t nobody’s business! PERIOD!!! What we eat don’t make the m shit and vice versa! Let me pull a Paula Deen.. If you have never said or done something wrong, then pick up that stone and throw it at his head until he is dead (lol) truth is On;y god van judge him and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink! whether they want to or not, anything they say is under public scrutiny, as they are celebrities and people find their lives more interesting then the ones they personally live! Dissecting someone else s problems doesn’t make your go away, mind ya biz kids

  • Venessa Thomas

    WTF??? He has kids with Nivea?? She got a kid for Lil Wayne too??? Man, this bitch is a hustling azz boss for real. That’s why she doesn’t work….DAM!!! I bet those child support checks look GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Louis Vuitton, Gucci ect….go biatch!!!!!!!!!!!1


    I agree with Twana on that. But still no pics with Violet though. Lol

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  • Twana Tells

    Once again people are making nothing out of something. There is nothing wrong with The Dream expressing his unconditional bond he has with his kids.