Nicki Minaj Gets Denied Entry After Being Late To Her Own Album Release Party!


Nicki Minaj really needs a taste of humble pie. After making her press rounds in NYC on Friday. Fresh off the release of Pink Friday The Re-Up! Nicki Minaj was denied entry to her own album release party at Greenhouse in NYC. RadarOnline says that  ‘Nicki turned up to the club with about 25 people at 3.30am. She wanted to celebrate with her fans, but she was denied entry at the door by the police because they said the venue was at capacity and there was nothing they could do to accommodate her.’ According to insiders Nicki, 29, was scheduled to make an appearance alongside rappers and music producers Flo Rida and Fabolous but arrived at the event – which was being sponsored by Smirnoff Ice Cake – too late.

 You see Fabolous below… looking typical and without Emily in tow…. Just sad

Definitely one party where a celebrity should scream “Do you know who I am?!” How do you be late for your own damn party. I swear.