Nick Cannon to Co-Star in “Drumline” sequel for VH1


Nick Cannon is going back to his roots and will be co-starring in Drumline 2, which will make it’s debut on Vh1. ) The movie will focus on a new set of characters at a fictional New Orleans university. The new story will follow Dani Bolton, an upper-class Brooklyn girl who defies her parents in order to attend a college in Louisiana so she can join — and revitalize — their once-prominent drumline. Dani’s quest to become the first female section leader of the drumline in the school’s history will be hampered by upperclassmen (including her cousin, Tyree), her feelings for fellow band mate and rival, Jayven, and the school’s crosstown rivals. I did enjoy the first movie, but I don’t think a sequel is necessary.

The new format puts a female spin on the franchise, which centered on Cannon’s over-confident college freshman who looks to make his mark on a prestigious university’s prized drumline. The Drumline: A New Beat follows on the success of VH1’s CrazySexyCool TLC biopic last year and continues the network’s trajectory of original scripted fare with a music bend. CrazySexyCol was the highest-rated original cable movie of 2013 among adults 18-49 with a 2.9 rating. Drumline is one of those movies that need to be made once. I liked the first.

But then again they did the same with mean girls 2 and bring it on 2-78, none of which I watched.. Nick will have an on-screen role and executive produce alongside feature producers Wendy Finerman, Jody Gerson and Dallas Austin. Regina Hicks and Karin Gist will pen the script for the new take, with production set to begin in the spring for a fall 2014 premiere. Fox Television Studios and VH1 will produce. The Drumline follow was months in the making, with a scripted series among the conversations at one point. The telepic marks Cannon’s latest small-screen venture that includes MTV’s Wild ‘N Out and America’s Got Talent, among others. Drumline was not that great of a movie for them to make a sequel ten years later… I mean my god…. Let’s not start this trend of giving decades old movies sequels. This is not  the The Best Man holiday.

  • Coffy Brown

    Very late – but still interested in seeing it – they have had years to prepare for it – and the first one was really really good – Very excited – just wondering is VH1 the New BET

  • Venessa Thomas

    A lil late for that shit!!!

  • mlmkareem

    This is going to be hella dope. They had to go get my boy Nick Cannon to return to this flick. That would be the only and best way to do it big. Great post

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    • Rieke Fleischer

      Yes, to my opinion a ‘must see’ for everyone interested in Entertainment News. Well done!

  • Gigi

    This sequel is 10 years too late.