Nick Cannon and Amber Rose “Allegedly” Messing Around ?


I’m a little hesitant to believe this because Amber truly loves Wiz Khalifa and their little family, but stranger things has happened. It appears that Nick Cannon maybe doing a little bit more than managing these days.

As you know Nick Cannon is Amber Rose’s new Manager and he has reportedly secured her a TV deal through his company, NCredible Entertainment. Now insiders are talking about how Amber and Nick are rendezvousing in various hotel rooms around NY. The whispers got so loud that Nick had his publicist send out press releases to the media before the gossip had even hit the blogs.

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Nick knows all of this, of course. But he needs a reason to keep seeing Amber without tongues wagging about those expensive back rubs she’s giving him. They’re basically hiding in plain sight.

The New York Post reports that the relationship between Nick Cannon and Amber Rose is “strictly business,” but their sources state that he’s already moving on from Carey and is “going after women.” Is one of the women former Ford Model Amber Rose? Celeb Dirty Laundry seems to think so, writing that the “alleged serial cheater” signed Rose up to do more than just manage her career.
“There have been a lot of rumors about how Nick is more than friendly with the women he ‘works’ with. And he’ll be in extremely close contact with Amber for the next few months.”


When will women be respected to be able to have a professional only relationship with the opposite sex without people making up lies that they are screwing them? I highly doubt this is true her and Wiz seems truly in love… The shade of it all..

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  1. I hope that this is not true too, Nick jus’ got out of a relationship, I think that he needs some time alone to get his head together. I also get what you’re saying Elle Brooklyn, men & women can work together without there being a sexual relationship between them. PEACE!!!

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