Next2Shine:Meet Trinetta Love



I was blasting the “Getting Ready to Go Out” playlist at full volume at home , jamming to all the usual suspects in pop and R&B music when my good friend suggested a track I hadn’t heard before called “Pack Your Bags, when listening I was like who is this? I queued YouTube and looked up the track by Trinetta and ten seconds into it I was head-bobbing to the beat; three listens later I still hadn’t made it out the house and I was was dancing along to the choreography.  I loved the beat and her words are very, very motivating!  When I did my research on her, I found out that she is not new to this. She’s been in the game for quite awhile. Now she is ready to make her breakthrough.

A little background on her: Trinetta is a Native New Yorker who now resides in Atlanta, GA. She has  appeared on 50 Cent’s Behind The Music and also on the hit BET series Let’s stay together. Trinetta is a triple threat, Singer, Songwriter and Actress who is ready to make her mark. Currently she is promoting her new Single “PYB” (Pack Your Bags), which is available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and all over the web wherever music is sold.  And give us your thoughts  and check out her video below. I can tell you now you need to watch out for this one… You can visit her on her official website : , Twitter: and Facebook: ….