First Look: Jimi, All By My Side, Featuring Andre 3000 Benjamin (Jimi Hendrix Biopic)

andre 3000 jimi hendrix

Here is the trailer for the new Jimi Hendrix Biopic featuring Andre 3000 (Andre Benjamin) .. Circa 1966 a London reporter poses a question to the Seattle-born musician. “There’s so much competition right now,” she challenges him. “Queen, The Who … do you think you’re better than all of them?”

Hendrix doesn’t answer, but the trailer fades out on his music and Benjamin’s confident smile, making his opinion pretty clear.

The movie will hit theaters September 26th .. Check out the trailer below:


  • gphi

    I’ve been reading about this online for a while now, being that I’ve been a Andre Benjamin(Outkast) fan since day 1, there’s a part of me that kind of wants to see this movie. PEACE!!!