Jay Z and Beyonce Releasing New Music #Drunk In Love

jay z beyonce drunk love team work


Just got word that Beyoncé and Jay Z are working on a new collaboration single and video. It’s said to be amazing and clearly the picture above represents team work. That is why these two continue to make major moves, would this explain why Bey was spotted shooting a new music video last night in NYC ?

Irv Gotti posted a picture on instagram and the message:

They about to fuck the world up again!! Amazing these 2 are. #drunklove @beyonce and my brother Hov. Incredible. With a picture of Hov and his wife Beyonce,

When asked what were they working on – Irv replied to media reporter Kia Soto:

irv gotti responded

“Wow. #drunklove as if On the Run wasn’t hot enough. These guys got another banger that is gonna f*ck up the world. Me personally. I want them to just do an album together. F*ck it. There chemistry is un real. Gangsta.”


Clearly he is stating that their new single dropping could be called “DRUNK LOVE”, which I love that name for the single and would explain they’re relationship. I do love the chemistry with these two, especially when they get in the studio together. I can’t wait to see when this comes to light, because lord knows we’ve been waiting for new music from Bey, so HIVES what do you think, are you ready ?

This is a TattleTailzz & MusicTailzz exclusive,  you saw it here first!


I hope the lesser boys and girls are ready, because I am… Literally how I’m looking below…


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  • Coffy Brown

    Okay – It’s only fitting the King and Queen slay the competition together – Im with Irv – fuck it just do a whole album!!!!!

  • KiaSoto

    look how everyone took my story and didnt credit MY SITE!!

    • Coffy Brown

      Grimy mafuckas – Shit just got real!

      • KiaSoto

        right and my ig all on peoples websites smh

        • Coffy Brown

          You know you got reinforcements @ your disposal… grimy is as grimy does… and a good dat to you to Sistah.. ijs xoxo

  • Gigi

    I don’t know what else to say but I love these two.

  • Venessa Thomas

    Ok….. Y -is dude crying??? Really….Eye just gotta know

  • Venessa Thomas

    Ok…. Y-is dude crying???? Really……Eye just gotta know