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New Paris Hilton “Good Time” Featuring Lil Wayne


Paris finally drops the full length song of “Good Time”, which was produced by AfroJack. Her second album, the follow-up to 2006′s Paris, is due next year featuring collaborations with Snoop Dogg and Flo Rida. “This music is really of the time right now,” said Paris during her appearance on “RapFix Live.” “It’s dance music, it’s fun, and just club bangers.” Listen to the song inside.

I live for it! Clearly she not trying to win Grammy’s…but it’s fun club music. I get it…

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  • Coffy Brown


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  • yazmar

    Didn’t they say Paris didn’t like black folks?? Just another using rappers to get on

  • Venessa Thomas

    Paris who???

  • Gigi

    Did they make a deal to give cash money a chain of Hilton hotels or what? Why would they release this trash and promote this. If I was an artist at cash money other then Nicki, Drake, or Tyga I would be pissed they should be focusing on the real talent on their roster. This would make total sense if it was 2005 , 2006 but nobody is checking for Paris.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      GIGI but I love her… LOL