New Music: WINZO Featuring: T.a.y.l.o.r. ‘HIT IT’

Winzo is an amazing independent songwriter and artist who has gained recognition from her unique passionate approach to music.
WINZO is an American independent recording artist, songwriter and poet. She was born in the central district of Tacoma, WA known as Hilltop, has lived in South Texas, Miami, FL and now resides in Los Angeles. Winzo was equally raised between her divorced mother (an assistant school teacher) and father (a waste collector), as well as her grandparents and two aunts. Her time growing up was split between west Tacoma near the Puget Sound Bay and south Tacoma. By age 7 she started writing poetry and wrote her first “raps” at age 12.
Winzo tended to spend hours alone in her room, backwoods and trees while living in her mind’s thoughts and visions. In secret, she’d write poems and created other interesting forms of expressions, which she’d hide among the pages of books. Winzo was intrigued and emotionally moved by nature, imagery and gravitated to music. She attended college and obtained a degree in Arts & Sciences.
Music Career
Getting started in Los Angeles from scratch as an outsider was very tough for Winzo. She lived homeless in the grimy out skirts of Hollywood in her car for several months, showering at a Bally Total Fitness until she finally landed a job working as a public relations assistant. After familiarizing herself in a new routine, Winzo took time to fly to Miami to meet with Universal Music Latino’s A&R, Aldo Gonzalez. Aldo quickly connected her with Sebastian J., a producer living in Los Angeles who immediately took her under his wing to develop. After time developing as a songwriter, veteran producer/mixer Ryan Greene discovered her rapping among a pack of men at a karaoke bar’s parking lot. Winzo has credited Greene as a true friend, mentor and supporter of her artistry and vision.

Music Style & Influences
Winzo became entranced with music at age 4 while watching her Nona play her 1960 Baldwin “Fun Machine” organ. By age 7, her obsession over hip-hop, music videos and film began. Digital Underground, Walt Disney, Outcast and Enya were among her main influences. Both her parents state, “it was never out of the ordinary for her to be locked in her room with her boom box blaring rap music all day.”