New Music: Kandi ‘Let Them Love’ , Plus Momma Joyce Throws Shots Via Twitter



Kandi is going to ride her shine about her boo Todd until the wheels fall off, On her new single “Let Them Love,” the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star snaps back at her mother, Mama Joyce, who has  disapproved of her relationship with fiancé Todd Tucker, who she calls a “gold digger.”  Which, speaking of Momma Joyce, she took to Twitter to take more Jabs at Kandi:

Mama Joyce and her drama is no better than a man stressing Kandi out. She is that stress and baggage, if she really want to know the truth. Joyce  need to quit being mean and  to be honest, this isn’t just about Todd o, it has more to do with her playing that manipulative card on Kandi….. It’s actually quite sad. Too damn old to be sending subliminal’ s to your daughter on social media…… I must admit Kandi went in on her mother, check out some lyrics below:

“You’re sittin’ here lonely/ You’re sittin’ here by yourself/ So stop giving advice on relationships to everybody else,” sings Kandi. “Let a person love who they love/ Why would you wanna be the cause of someone’s breakup?”

The emotional song is taken from the soundtrack to Kandi’s play “A Mother’s Love,” which opened in Atlanta.

  • Coffy Brown

    Mama joyce know she is wrong on so many levels! It’s so sad how she is allowing her hate for others to ruin the relationship with her daughter and potentially her granddaughter – Older doesnt always mean wiser!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye like the song….

  • Nic

    Let’s hope most of this drama is just for ratings. I know damn well Kandi is not going to lose her mama because of a show. They need to sit down and talk this foolishness out. Yea, Joyce is a bit much.. but no one is going to love Kandi half as much as Joyce.