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New Fifty Shades Of Grey Fan Fiction Book, Based on Rihanna and Chris Brown’s Abusive Relationship

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We’ll while the original Fifty Shades of Grey is going through cast changes, some fan has taken the liberty of writing a Fiction book called Fifty Shades of Sin starring the former couple, Chris Brown and Rihanna. The Author’s name is J. Lola  the book is based on the volatile and abusive relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown.  Chris is currently still on probation for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, the night before the Grammys, which left her in hospital.


On Amazon, where it is being sold for the Kindle, Lola describes Fifty Shades Of Sin as ‘the strange story of Robyn and Chris, and how they find love in a HOPELESS PLACE. ‘From the moment they meet, their attraction is explosive. They fall hard for each other. They crave each other every minute of the day. ‘However, they just can’t be together. This is a story about love, but it explores the difficulties, sacrifices, and pain that love brings as well.’  Robyn is Rihanna’s real name, and the similarities are even more apparent with the introduction of Robyn’s best friend Melissa (her closest pal in real life is named Melissa Forde), and Chris’ girlfriend, who is referred to as a ‘groupie’ or Asian Boy and appears to be based on Karreuche Tran. Fifty Shades Of Sin hopes to be the first of many books about the not-so-fictional couple, and the author tells fans at the end of it that they can ‘Follow more of Robyn and Chris’ story, all the way down to what happened that sad night of the Grammys.’ Much like in the original book series, the idea of dominance is portrayed as sexy even when, in Chris and Robyn’s case, it turns violent.

Chris threatens to ‘beat the s*** out of’ Robyn’s boyfriend, and follows it up with a threat that he will break the hand of a passer-by early on into their relationship. Unconcerned Robyn’s reaction is to say: ‘I tried to imagine how glorious his muscular 6’4″ frame would look naked.’ She goes on: ‘I did a double take, utterly ashamed that I was so attracted to this man that I could find such a dangerous situation erotic.’ There are several points in the book where the abusive nature of the couple’s relationship is glorified and Chris tells Robyn that he is ‘really f***ed up’ after they have sex for the first time.

‘I’m f***ed up too,’ Robyn replies. ‘Let’s be f***ed up together.’ At another point in the book, Robyn says: ‘I was hesitant [to date him]. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt as if meeting him would open up a box that I wasn’t sure I was ready to open.  ‘Thinking back, I realize that there was a part of me blasting out a warning to stay away from Chris then. Even before I met him.’ The author warns on Amazon that the story contains ‘extreme sexual and emotional scenarios that might make some uncomfortable.’

Chile, Rihanna is so passed this point in her life, that she hasn’t even looked back to mention Chris Brown or his little concubine Karreuche.. I think everyone needs to just let it go and let these kids live their life.

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  • Coffy Brown

    SMH – how disrespectful an you be, she couldnt just ewrite the book wihtout making it about them – she isnt the only woman who has gotten her ass whooped – She could of made it into something to help women in abusive situations – ew all know how that one ends – Where is the creativity in some of these people!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Pointless…….whoever this person is needs to write a book about something more related to the American crisis with our kids and how to make them better and how to make our parents better to handle children who gets out of hands or something

  • Gigi

    I always wondered why nobody ever called opportunist like this out for exploiting the Chris and Rihanna abuse situation. First the SVU episode and now this. Just trying to make a dollar on other people pain. People truly disgust me.

    • Coffy Brown

      but that was good though even though she died in the end – it was still good! lol

    • Kia Soto

      Exactly! Good point

  • mb

    WTH? Some people have too much time on their hands!!!

  • Gossipwelove

    Oh lord.