New Couple: Karreuche Dating NBA Player John Wall?


This is the rumor going around that Karreuche has moved on and upgraded with Washington Wizard’s player John Wall. They’ve been seeing each other recently. But now, we’re told, that it’s official. Karrueche got herself a new baller. Oh, and John Wall ain’t just any old player. He’s up for contract this year and is expected to get the highest contract allowable under NBA rules.” If this is true… Hopefully we will see Karreuche cheering her boo on the sidelines…. I knew it wouldn’t take long for someone who is of a much higher status with guaranteed money to come and scoop her up. Yess Karreuche get it!

We’ll have to stay tuned to see how Karrueche and Wall’s alleged budding romance pans out.


  • Venessa Thomas

    OH SHIT, Breezy ain’t gonna like that. He said in that interview with that he would have a problem if she moved on with a BALLER!!

  • KiaSoto

    thats good for u