Nelly Tells Ferguson, MO To Wise Up … And Stop The Violence


Nelly has been quiet since the whole situation in Missouri has happened but TMZ caught up with TI and Nelly  and he thinks that the city of Ferguson  jumped the gun by protesting too early, contributing to the violence.

TI and Nelly tells TMZ:

“I understand the frustration, but we have to strategize before we overreact … We don’t get no do-over on sh*t like this, so we have to do it right the first time.” “Ain’t nothing happen no different that hasn’t been happening … At the end of the day, we should have waited to strategize first and take all the right steps to organize.”

T.I. had similar thoughts, s… “We needed to play chess instead of checkers. We should have waited to see if justice was going to be served first … We shouldn’t have played our strongest hand first.”


TMZ made sure they have the two biggest tap dancing fools to make a statement TI needs to be quiet! I hate that he always try to use big words and now analogies quoted from something else. He couldn’t give an original thought if his pockets depended on it.. Was TI playing chess or checkers, when he tried to attack Floyd Mayweather with all of those innocent people present in a jealous rage?  Everyone was calling for rappers to speak up. They are better off remaining silent.

The only great thing about his statement  is that they are starting a college fund in honor of Michael Brown, Nelly, T.I., Kevin Hart and NBA star Al Jefferson are the first 4 celebs pledging $15,000 a year in college tuition to teens chosen by the Brown family.

4 thoughts on “Nelly Tells Ferguson, MO To Wise Up … And Stop The Violence

  1. Too bad PAC is no longer with us because this brotha grew up around other blacks (Black Panthers) who didn’t mind fighting & dying for civil rights. Most black men today are a bunch of scary punks who don’t have a clue what our forefathers did for our mustard seed of freedom. #uck these so called celebrities and there delayed opinions. They only speak up & out when they feel it will benefit their pocket$.

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