Nas Hit With Georgia Tax Lien $400K

According to TheJasmineBrand, Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones has been hit with the new State Tax lien, the documents state the rapper owes over $145k in unpaid taxes bringing his total debt to over $422k.

According to docs filed in Georgia, the State Department of Revenue hit Nas with a State Tax Execution. They explain they are on the hunt for the rapper’s assets and property due to unpaid taxes he owes for the year 2008.

The original tax debt was $58k but they added interest, penalties, collection fees and other costs over the years bringing the debt to a total of $145,708.33.

Last year, the rapper was hit with a separate lien accusing him of screwing over the Department of Revenue over unpaid taxes for the year 2006. The total debt he owed for the year came out to $276,439.80. The lien is still active and has yet to be paid off.

Nas’ grand total in unpaid taxes to the State of Georgia comes to $422,569.13


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