‘N Sync Bandmates “Upset” Justin Scaled Back Songs for VMA Reunion


Even though it seemed like a happy reunion I guess drama was brewing a little behind the scenes. Intially the band was upset that Timberlake stopped earlier plans to include more ‘N Sync songs for the VMA show, a source tells Us Weekly. I think that’s why JC did that run at the end. He though they were going into another song.. It had me weak!

“They were pushing for more,” “While he was thrilled they could come for him, he didn’t want the reunion to be the whole thing. They originally were told that it was going to be more of their old hits, not just Bye Bye Bye — but then Justin reworked it.”

“The guys wished it could have been more songs,” continues the insider. “He told them to trust him, he was going to make it great.” (During the show-stopping segment, Timberlake sang snippets of his solo hits “Take Back the Night,” “Sexy Back,” “My Love,” “Cry Me a River,” “SeƱorita,” “What Goes Around Comes Around” and “Rock Your Body” before his bandmates joined him for a few bars of “Gone” and “Girlfriend” before rocking out to “Bye, Bye, Bye.” After about two minutes, Fatone, Bass, Kirkpatrick and Chasez departed the stage, and Timberlake sang one final song. But all is well, because they went to Jay’s VMA after party at PH-D with the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, Rita Ora and others.

4 thoughts on “‘N Sync Bandmates “Upset” Justin Scaled Back Songs for VMA Reunion

  1. I do not think he deserved the vanguard award – but ok anyway I was never a nsync fan, so Im not hurt – But the performance was live, ,thats for sure!

  2. I wish they would have sang more, too, but it didn’t look like they would have made it through more.

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