Exclusive:  My Night With Bill Cosby

I grew up watching Bill Cosby as Dr. Huxtable, an educated black family man who was a doctor on TV with an attractive attorney wife and at the time had children my age. The Cosby Show gave us hope and reinforced structure in the family. Which meant that you could have happiness, a beautiful family and monetary success.

This Bill Cosby thing… has been such a distraction… nagging, derailing, and playing on my psyche. Mainly because out of sight, out of mind and much different from the celebrity gossip I write and blog about daily, this thing is taking too much of my brain power.
By now I thought it would die down, especially with no evidence, no proof, and no charges, but yet it’s still in the news. Thinking to myself why suddenly is this man being dragged through the mud by the media? These people seemed to have come out of hibernation with a master plan to deceive, distract, and destroy Bill Cosby and his family. That’s what peaked my curiosity…what is the bigger picture? Who’s next? This “smear campaign” just seems very odd.

Since my “Spidey” senses have kicked in I’ve learned Bill Cosby is more than an actor– he is legendary, a true trailblazer, educator, philanthropist, husband, father and a role model. Cosby has done numerous things to empower and uplift all communities throughout America.
I have been following Bill Cosby’s Far From Finish Tour and jumped at the opportunity to see him live in Baltimore, Maryland on March 27th, 2015. My initial thought was how can I meet this legend? Sure enough I got my chance! Just like he did in any of his old I-SPY episodes, I finagled my way backstage and ended up in a meet and greet line.


Well here we go — my conversation with Bill Cosby.

As I approach the meet and greet room, I hear that recognizable voice saying, “Hello Friend.” Contrary to the negative impression the media gives about his appearance and attitude, I found it to be just the opposite. I was greeted with that warm, infectious smile and a firm hand shake. Surprised and momentarily speechless in the back of my mind — I’m thinking how will I ask this man for an interview. Remembering, he has turned down many distinguished journalists. I began to question my motivation as well as how bad do I really want this interview and are my intentions innocent.


Bill Cosby


KS:  Hi, how are you?

BC:  Great.

KS:  Mr. Cosby, I am a blogger and my audience is comprised of many young people who did not grow up watching The Cosby Show. I understand legally you can’t respond to any of the allegations because that can cause a defamation suit against you. However, my followers know who you are but they were not galvanized by The Cobsy Show and I feel that you can gain a connection to the young people of today by answering a few of my questions. Would you be willing?
At this time he is just looking for me start talking. I’m guessing!
BC:  Go ahead.

KS:  After all these years do you get nervous when you step on stage?

BC:  No, The last time I became nervous was my first year in show business, more than five decades ago. In my book Cosbyology, on page 153. Have you read that book?

KS:  No sir.

BC: On page 153, I explain the time I talked myself into believing that the audience knew I wasn’t funny. Because they had seen so many other comedians perform, that they would hear I wasn’t funny and I didn’t earn a spot there.

KS: You talked yourself into thinking you were not funny? Knock it off Scotty.
Looking at him awkwardly and we chuckled. I-Spy fans will know what I mean.

BC: You see it’s compelling how you can talk yourself down because you made yourself nervous. In interviews, writing papers, performance, even when you first start driving. You should not talk with low self-esteem about yourself, to the point where you believe it.

KS: On social media I have met a lot of your fans, they absolutely love you. Too many to name, but do you have a message you would like to send to them?
BC: Yes, thank you for the continued support. This part of my life at 77, I am performing the best I have ever performed! In the last 9 months I am consistently writing new material, that I am very proud to perform for them.

Bill Cosby talked about his past and breaking LP’s when he would release new material to disc jockeys on KSFO in San Francisco, how they would say, “You better come see me.” Recalling when people would show up at Lake Tahoe, to hear the disc jockey’s special routines featuring his work.



BC: My work now varies including pieces from Uncle William, a stork and a benefit I did at Temple University. I look forward to performing everything I have done, every funny idea — from I-Spy to young Bill Cosby — who was a 23-year-old student at Temple in Remedial Freshman English completing an assignment a mental drifter locked into becoming a Physical Education Teacher.

KS: Mr. Cosby there is one fan in particular Joshua Cosby, he has Autism. He adores you. Can I send him personalized message?

BC: I know Joshua. Tell him I don’t expect as much from him as his name in the Bible, but for God sake vote!

KS: Respectfully Mr. Cosby why do you still work? And what are you working on next?

BC: Because it is in me! I know this is something that makes a lot of people very happy, like Joshua and my other fans. A wonderful story, I was in Montana checking in a hotel and the bellman said to me, “Mr. Cosby you were here 4 years ago, I saw you, I brought two tickets – I took my dad.” In an odd surprised tone, the bellman said, and “you were funny.” I asked were you not expecting me to be funny? The bellman explains, “I was 24 then, you are my father’s age. He plays your albums, watches you on TV, I took him as a gift. We sat and watched the show we beat each other up laughing. On our way home, we talked for the first time in our lives to each other, not like father and son. But to each other.”
I gave him two tickets told him to treat his father, he said his father was sick and his mother was taking care of his father, he asked could he bring his friend Larry, I told him bring whoever he wants and hoped his dad would get better.
Another time, maybe 15 years ago I was at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, waiting for the car to come. It was prom night and six African-American couples got out of a limo. As they passed me, I heard one say to his friend, man that’s Bill Cosby — the friend said who? The youngster said again, man that’s Bill Cosby — he does real comedy. I smiled all the way to Oakland to see my friend Al Alden. I told him guess who I am, Al said who, I am Bill Cosby! Al said God Bless you, I said guess what I do, I do real comedy.

KS: I know fans were expecting to see you in Selma, how do you feel about witnessing a Black President cross that bridge 50 years later?

BC: First of all, it’s just not to see President Obama go across, or reach that point. But to see it in the United States of America. Selma is so special. For the President to be understanding and protecting something so special. People look and don’t fathom the depth of what the President is doing. Some people said The Cosby Show was responsible for The Obama’s becoming the First Black Family in The White House.

We have to look at all the young and old, the colors, cultures and enthusiasm of all people who joined together with Dr. King for the Selma voting rights movement and the march to Montgomery. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), and Dorothy Height. One thing we need to do is look into history, look into Washington D.C. the archives — see the status of Martin Luther King Jr. I think people really should read how much President Lyndon B. Johnson contributed too. LBJ, this man to many looked like he could be evil to blacks. But he wasn’t, he signed bills and he worked towards voting rights. The picture is not just a Black President. But it says a great deal about the United States of America and how far we have to grow, because there are certain things we are just not used to yet!

KS:  Recently, I discovered you dropped out of high school, of course you eventually continued your education “Dr. Cosby”–your accomplishments are remarkable, do you have any advice for our youth?

BC:  Yes. Do you know who Earl Lloyd is?

KS:  No.

BC:  The first black man to score a basket in the NBA. Earl shared a story with me once when his mom questioned him about his whereabouts. Earl’s mother asked where he was one day, Earl said I was outside, she replied you are on the corner with those boys– Earl said I was with them, but I wasn’t doing anything. Earl’s mom said if you are not in the picture you cannot be framed. So many of our children that you don’t see outside on the corner, are probably in the house preparing for the future.

KS: Some people were offended by your message years ago, when you said something like pull up your pants, stop naming your kids this and that, get a job, go to school, etc…I think your message showed you cared and truly wanted to see the best for our children, but maybe some felt the delivery was harsh and insensitive, would you like to address that?

BC: My publicist Andrew Wyatt with Purpose PR Firm will send you three letters. You will hear from others, how they felt and the message they received from my comments.

Inserts from the letters received: Regarding the “Call Out ”

One letter addressed from the past President of Mott Community College, M. Richard Shaink, Ph.D., (2000-2014)

“He said such things as “we’re trying to save people’s broken souls…We’ve got to wake up. We’ve got to fight….Don’t let the fool’s gold people let you believe Bill Cosby is blaming you for what’s happening to you. But I am saying, ‘Get up.’ I’m saying, ‘Use your brain.’ I’m saying, ‘Talk to each other.’”

His message of hard work and self-discipline was enthusiastically received by those in the hall and those who heard the message through the extensive media coverage.

In the years immediately after Dr. Cosby’s intervention, college enrollment increased sharply.

Second Letter from Curressia McFarland Brown, M.Ed., J.D.

Years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. warned, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance or conscientious stupidity.”
Were there parts of Dr. Cosby’s message that were a bit “strong,” even hard to “swallow”? Certainly. However, that’s not uncommon for medicine. Unlike bandages that merely cover our scrapes and bruises, “medicine” that addresses real ailments may be a bit bitter to the taste and difficult to ingest. However, once we accept it, the healing begins. So it is with Cosby’s declaration that the time for accepting mediocrity is over. The time for complaining about that which is within our control is long gone.


A third letter from Dr. Ivery to Mr. Cosby from Wayne County Community College.

While many of those in the public eye refuse to take a stand or speak up and “Call Out” those who need to be spoken to, you took both the risk and hit for doing so. You have championed for a level of excellence for and from our communities to restore a lost legacy. Of the many things I can say to you for all you have said and done, please accept the simplest but most sincere of those—thank you.

KS: Lately in the news I have continued to see a rehash of you joking with an audience member who was going to get a drink. When the story was first reported the media gave us the entire picture, but now they are starting to leave significant parts of your joke to that audience member out. Can you tell me what happened and explain why the media is not printing the facts?

BC: Where are you going, the woman replied I am going to get a drink, do you want one? In dry humor — I responded — I guess you haven’t heard about drinking around me. The audience laughed for minutes, and by the time the media released the joke — it was twisted and the parts of the joke was omitted.

KS: I don’t want to overstep my boundaries, but people want to hear your side? Just tonight two more accusers came out is there anything you can say regarding these accusations ?

BC: You stated earlier my reasons for not being able to say anything. Right? No.

BC: When I think back to the day my son Ennis was murdered, when I need comfort and strength this particular poem comes to mind. “IF” by Ruyard Kipling.


“If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same:.
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings,
And never breathe a word about your loss:
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Humanitarian “

BC: I changed the very last line in the last stanza of “IF” from ‘you’ll be a Man, my son’ to you’ll be a Humanitarian.

Ironically, after reciting the poem, “IF” by Ruyard Kipling, I was saddened.
My reason is very simple: I felt horrible hearing the story about his son because this was the person who would have continued his name for many generations. Bill Cosby will forever be known as America’s favorite TV Dad — a man who has raised many men; a man who has influenced many fatherless sons; and a man who still encourages boys to become men.

Were my intentions now selfish? Did I quickly become a part of that media machine that has dragged Bill Cosby through the mud? Someone who welcomed me within minutes, took the time to speak to me and gave me an amazing opportunity.

Still positive, warm, unbreakable and clearly Far From Finished, Bill Cosby said,

“I am excited to perform tonight in Baltimore, Maryland, and to bring laughter to all of my fans.”

I thanked him for his time, I wished him the best, and I hurried to my seat to see this magnificent performer.


This interview was insightful. Education, life, love, laughter and his fans seemed to be the main things on his mind. This interviewed revealed to me, The Real Bill Cosby.





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  1. Just found this and read it for the first time. Good interview. I can tell from the comments that things are still the same.More accusations, but still no new credible evidence

  2. I realize that this interview was back in April, but I have to say that the interview was awesome. It really showed the true character of Cosby.

  3. After seven months, I just reread this interview. It really is great. You asked wonderful questions. I think the “If” poem by Rudyard Kipling recited by Cosby is amazing.

  4. This is an awesome interview!! Mr. Cosby proves himself very respectful and honorable so I am glad that this interview was granted at this time when all the media proves bias he has proven he is not afraid to talk, nor should he have to talk about his legal drama which would only be manipulated by the mainstream just as his work has been attacked, it proves the mainstream intentions of bias assault when they only twist and condemn without respecting his rights.

  5. Hey Everyone I’m Sorry I Didnt Mean To Make Everyone Bad And Hurt I’m Very Sorry And I’ll Be Nice To You Guys Everyone For Now On And Thank For Kia Soto Wilson Telling Me That And Thank For My Big Brother My Friend Bill Cosby For Expecting a Good Things From Me I Love You Everyone And Bill Love Our High Functioning Autistic Friend Joshua Cosby

  6. I Love You Bill Cosby My Big Brother Love You’re Autistic Friend Number 1 Fan Joshua Cosby

  7. This is an incredibly written and balanced article. I’ve never heard of this writer before and it is terrific that Kia (to my knowledge an independent blogger and writer) was able to land this interview. She could teach a lesson or two to the moron mainstream media on being balanced and allowing others to share their story while still bring up topics that are not necessarily the easiest to discuss.

    I believe that Cosby is innocent unless otherwise proven and his willingness to talk to an unknown writer was incredibly risky on his part. He had no control over her questions and had no leverage over her as far as doing business with her network or something in the future. Cosby gave this unknown the interview and demonstrated that he is not afraid to talk to the press at all, in fact he likely is fine talking with an unbiased press and not one willing to regurgitate accusations with no proof.

    Kudos to Kia for landing this and kudos to Cosby for taking this risky interview with an unknown writer.

    1. THANK YOU this just proves how the media smears and controls what they want the world to think…..

      1. You are quite welcome Kia. Kudos to you on having courage to ask for the interview and equally for having the courage to be fair-minded in your interview. I’m sure all of the mainstream media are reading your article to see how they have failed in securing what you were successful at doing, landing a Cosby interview in 2015.

      2. KIaSoto- there was an article published in Feb of 2014; it asked why Woody Allen and a couple of others were in the news re rape and molestation but for some reason no one was talking about Bill Cosby anymore (I forget the name of the white actor/pedophile who had played a minister- all were white) . The media has since apologized for dropping the matter after Cosby’s settlement with Andrea Constand.

        They could have gone after him back then- but they dropped the ball and let Cosby slide- and Kia, this is fact,

    2. Happylife, he took NO risk whatsoever; his blanket rule is that he will not speak about the issues; it is not as if he’d agreed to answer whatever was asked of him; when she brought up the question he quickly reminded her of what she’d said earlier.

      And there is plenty of evidence now.

      Re this “sweet man”; have you read how he dragged down that football player- grad during Brown’s graduation from Notre Dame? He brought him to tears. google it and read EXACTLY what Cosby said.

      Then google what he said to female band members during a football game half-time at the university- calling them “heifers” and “ugly”; he asked where the pretty women were. If I can find my way back to this blog I will post both of these incidents- his comments.

      Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have slept with TEN THOUSAND women- and he never took it back. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM EVER ACCUSED HIM OF ANY WRONGDOING- NOTHING. He would have been a perfect target- an athlete- rich- and wouldn’t have had the kind of protect Cosby had.

      Cosby is the only star to have ever been accused of anything like this- why in the world would people try to bring him down? Now if you’re going to suggest that it is a conspiracy because of his comments about pulling up pants- you know the speech- may I remind you (if you are even aware of this) that THREE police reports had been out on him BEFORE THAT FIRST SPEECH had taken place? Lachelle Covington went to the police in 2000.

      And you cannot get away from Andrea Constand; Cosby settled with her for a darned good reason; you need to google “the former basketball player that brought down bill cosby”. Cosby lied and had to retract his lies in a sworn deposition.

      The thirteen women who came forward in 2005 to support Andrea Constand were each questioned separately by the attorneys; none of them knew each other or any of the others’ stories; the only story that had gone public was Andrea Constand’s. She had claimed she was drugged and then digitally raped (he wound up admitting he’d given her a drug [he’d told her the pills were an herbal remedy for stress] ).

      Constand had been in charge of the women’s basketball team at Temple University. She had been 30 and Cosby 66 when the incident happened. She hadn’t ever been an actress or model- just a champion Canadian African-American basketball player..

      When the women’s recountings had been compared each matched in many points several of the others; there was no doubt that the MO was that of one man. The only way these women would have been able to collude with each other would have been by telepathy.

      There are more witnesses coming forth now as well.

      This blogger must have had her head in the sand to suggest that there is no evidence. Those 13 women alone are solid evidence- it is admissible in the category of “habitual behavior”, and as I said, the evidence hadn’t been polluted by anyone’s copying from anyone else.

      Thirteen of the victims coming forth are African-American and yet they’re being trashed- and one of these was only 15 when Cosby started with her; they were doing a documentary series in Philadelphia.

      I am sorry; I think it is disgraceful to see how far people will go in their willful blindness in order to save a black man’s reputation– which evidently is far more important that a black woman’s.

      1. You bring up Andrea Constand so let me educate you as you are clearly ignorant to the facts of the case.

        Bloomberg did an interview with Bruce Castor who was the district attorney (prosecutor) in the Constand case. He mentioned that Constand shared her story but nothing she said was criminal in nature so that charges could be brought up against Cosby. For the prosecutor (one who looks for reasons to charge people with crimes) to say that nothing Constand said was criminal in nature against Cosby says a lot.

        Additionally, he mentioned that Constand did not remember what if anything happened. This is huge in the fact that Constand really doesn’t know what if anything happened.

        Finally, Bruce Castor stated in November 2014 (near the beginning of this Cosby matter) that if he had to do it all over again Castor still would not press criminal charges against Cosby.

        So you can cling to your conspiracy theories and I will consider the facts and evidence presented by law enforcement officials that demonstrate that nothing criminal has been committed by Cosby. Castor actually says he wants to believe Constand and glad that she sued him civilly because he said the burden of proof is lower in a civil court. In other words, he was sympathetic to her and still had no evidence of a crime being committed against Constand.

        You keep drinking the Constand kool aid and I will deal with vegetables and hard truth that nothing criminal in nature happened to Constand.

        1. Sorry- you’re wrong. Castor came out with more. He said that he had wanted to charge Cosby with “tacit admission” but Cosby’s attorneys had blocked this. He also said that he thought Cosby had been getting away with this kind of thing for a long time. He said different things in different interviews.

          I heard him clearly state that the detectives had found Cosby to be “mumbledy” and “evasive”. Cosby would give long drawn-out answers skirting the question directly. It was after hearing what Cosby had said to the detectives that Castor thought that he might be able to bring the above-mentioned “tacit admission” charges.

          The “conspiracy theories” are NOT MINE; these were brought up by right-wingers who thought that the liberals had wanted to bring him down because of this.

          Not into kool-aid- sorry; I’ve been a strict vegetarian (organically-grown foods) since 1976 and so the “vegetable comment” I liked. (my dog is, too :o)

          Constand remembered being drugged, happylife- and she also remembered being taken to the couch where he started to molest her. Cosby said that they had had consensual sex- which he had to retract; HE ALSO ADMITTED UNDER OATH in a deposition giving her the drug. HE ALSO had to retract that she or her parents had tried to get money out of him- that they had just asked him for an apology.

          Happylife, I will reiterate what I stated earlier:

          1. When Constand’s story became public THIRTEEN WOMEN came forth to be witnesses for her.
          2.ALL were way past the Statute of Limitations window so they couldn’t sue him.
          3. 12 of the thirteen witnesses wished to remain “jane does”; they did NOT want any “15 minutes of fame” (or shame or humiliation- but they knew they’d face this in court with the defendant’s attorneys, even if their names and faces weren’t known)

          4. Each of these women were questioned separately by both sides (because of the civil suit); none of them knew the others- or their stories.
          This was to prevent witness contamination.
          5. Only Constand’s story had been made public and there was enough difference there that outside of the drugging and molestation nothing much more was known.

          6.When all the stories were compared each matched several of the details in several of the others’ recountings. THIS SHOWED ONE MO- and that was Cosby’s.

          This, my friend, is SOLID EVIDENCE: it goes to “habitual behavior”.
          If these women had been lying all would have had to have had ESP to have gotten the match that was shown.

          THERE WAS enough there to scare the heck out of Cosby, so when the Natl Enquirer informed him that they were about to run Beth Ferrier’s story, and that she had PASSED A POLYGRAPH “with flying colors” Cosby made a deal with them; if they would kill the Ferrier story he would give them an “exclusive” on his side of the story. They agreed. Cosby stated under oath what he had told the Enquirer: that he was afraid that Ferrier’s story would have bolstered Constand’s credibility.

          IT WAS HIS LIES in that story that got Constand to amend her lawsuit to include defamation and add the Enquirer to the suit.

          But when Cosby heard that Barbara Bowman was about to give a TV interview about what he’d done to her all-of-a-sudden he rushed to settle. Bowman actually found out about it while she was on a plane heading to the interview!

          Cosby’s attorneys had gotten the judge to have everything sealed- and the agreement included nothing negative ever to be said about Constand. Now as we know several weeks ago Cosby’s attorneys made some negative comments about the accusers and then- realizing that they had NOT made Constand an exception in that statement- made a statement the next day that their comments had NOT meant to include Constand. They were panicked because by doing what they’d done the day before, they had broken the agreement, thereby allowing Constand the right to disclose anything she might have wanted to.

          I will be following up with a few other posts- 2 of which will be Cosby’s comments (nothing to do with the accusations, but showing who he really is).

          I will end this one by stating that I believe if the defamation lawsuit out now gets to court (which I doubt) then it would seem likely that the only witnesses would probably be those from the original 13, since their statements had been taken down in 2005; most of these still haven’t gone public.

          1. A prosecutor cannot be blocked in charging someone with a crime by the accused’s attorney. This caused you to lose all credibility with the rest of your ranting.

            If the prosecutor had enough evidence of a crime the prosecutor doesn’t need the permission of the accused or their attorney to do so.

            Another point I will address is the supposed evasiveness matter. Well when Bill Gates was questioned in the Microsoft trial he starting mumbling as well. The point is very few people are experts at testifying in a case as most people don’t live their lives in a courtroom. Additionally, if you feel the questions are leading and you are being investigated who in the right mind is going to answer questions without your attorney present. So again you lose credibility with this jibberish of an argument.

            1. Nice try, happylife. I don’t know what trickery they used but he expressly said that the attorneys managed to “block” is the only way I can put this. I hardly meant that an attorney can stop a prosecutor- please?

              And calling what I’ve said “ranting” is patent nonsense- but it’s your privilege to use any words you choose, of course.

              I gave you SOLID EVIDENCE re the 13 women- try to answer that instead of evading?

              Cosby didn’t have to answer anything without an attorney present- we know this. I will repeat: he was SO evasive that his answers opened the door to try for that charge. Lawyers can get away with a lot- especially with a famous and popular client.

              So I see that you’re not defending Cosby because he’s a nice guy who’s been lied about by 40 women; you are defending in your words “a prick”- and vehemently-
              Why, might I ask?

        2. One follow-up to your comment re Castor’s saying if he had it to do all over again: he was stating that the evidence wasn’t there for “beyond a reasonable doubt”- but, as I said, in another interview he had stated that he did believe Constand and felt that Cosby had tacitly admitted to her charges. Her memory had been foggy as to the details of what he’d done- she knew she’d been drugged and she knew that he had molested her.

          Now, for the first article re the “real Cosby”:

          “In 1989, Cosby was invited to Notre Dame to speak to a group of about 50black graduates. While speaking with the students, Cosby asked
          All-American tackle Dean Brown what his GPA was. When Brown told him it was a 2.5, Cosby proceeded to humiliate him in front of the other
          students and parents: {note: he then called Dean Brown up to the stage]

          ‘What do you think of a 2.5 average?’ Cosby
          asked. ‘I think it’s decent,’ replied Brown, who was recently drafted by pro football’s Indianapolis Colts. Cosby snarled back: ‘2.5 is OK if
          you have a mental disorder. You should be ashamed of yourself. You
          should have worked harder.’ Tears streamed down the 290-lbs. Brown’s face as he tried to defend himself: ‘I worked hard. I did my best..’ [note: another article says that Brown had explained how difficult it had been to manage football practice and games with studying]

          But Cosby cut him short. ‘You didn’t do enough.’

          It’s worth noting that Bill Cosby is a college dropout who earned a sham doctorate from
          UMass Amherst after become rich and famous.” [note; Sam Simon tweeted a couple of months before he died that Cosby had paid two of the Fat Albert writers to write his doctoral thesis for him; others have published about the sham doctorate as well- he should have been expelled for cheating. Also, he got too much credit for his “life experiences in the business” as well (including his BA where he had dropped out early)]

          “Brown died suddenly in 2012 after a blood clot passed through his lung. Based on this Chicago
          Tribune article written shortly after his death, Brown was a good guy who was beloved by his teammates. He didn’t end up playing pro football,
          but he did work in the education field, serving as a dean of students and a principal at schools in Washington D.C. and Cleveland. He and his
          brother had also planned to start a Saturday school and run a camping program for at-risk youths. ”

          Brown felt like a failure for years afterward, according to another article.

          Another article follows.

        3. 2nd re the “real” Bill Cosby: cut-and-pasted:

          ” I’ve
          known Cosby as a sh—– since the late 90s.When I was a student at Temple University, Cosby ..would often show up to football games.
          Because of how much money he gives the school, he was basically allowed an all-access pass to Vet stadium during the games. He traipsed all
          over the sidelines, even sometimes on the damn field between plays (he was known to poke his head into a huddle from time to time).

          I was a member of the marching band, and as we were lining up on the sideline just before halftime at one game, guess who comes stalking through our lines? Naturally, everyone is stoked. We can hardly
          believe our luck! It’s TV’s favorite dad, come to wish us well for our halftime show!

          As he filtered through the band, he was shouting “Whoa! Look at all these heifers! Where are the skinny girls at? Nothing but fat, ugly girls in this band! Why are all you girls fat? Is anyone here pretty?”

          Had he come just a few feet closer, there would definitely have been
          an “unfortunate accident” with the bell of my Sousaphone—and his face.
          That man made my friends cry. Friends who went from elation (about to meet the Coz!) to humiliation and shame in just a few seconds. Not
          gonna lie, I was kinda crushed too. Until that day, I really looked up to him.

          When Hannibal Buress called him out during his set in DC, I remember sitting back in my seat (as the rest of the audience is whipping out their phones to google it—at Buress’s insistence, though I don’t think meant “right that second”), and thinking that what he was saying wouldn’t surprise me at all. As each new victim comes forward, it’s just further confirmation of what a terrible, terrible person Cosby
          really is. “

          1. KiaSoto, you saw in your interview the Bill Cosby he wanted you to see; it was the same Bill Cosby these women (then girls) had seen- and trusted. Please think about this?

          2. A person being a prick does not equate to a person being a criminal. If that were the case Donald Trump would have been imprisoned years ago.

            1. Happylife- I gave you clear and solid evidence re the 13 witnesses in 2005. And there is more evidence as well.

              I brought up the things he’s said (and done) that have nothing to do with the charges in order to show folks who are reading these entries that Cosby is a far cry from “Dr Huxtable” and that they might be wasting their tears on the wrong “victim”.

              BTW, nothing to do with this but I love your nick.

            2. Are you familiar with his “Spanish Fly” stand-up routine from the 1960’s- the one where he jokes about putting a drug into women’s drinks? You’ll find it on youtube. He also put it in his “It’s True! It’s True!” album. And in case you think he’d left that all behind, he talked about it yet again on the Larry King Show in 1991. He talks about boys from the age of 13 through manhood wishing they could get their hands on Spanish Fly and drug women’s drinks.

              Oh, well- what would this have to do with Cosby’s accusers…

        4. And another re a “nice” Cosby:

          Bill Cosby wasn’t always the affable family man that he plays on television.

          by taunts that he didn’t do enough in the civil rights struggle, Cosby
          once sucker punched Tommy Smothers according to Gerald Nachmans new

          Smothers recalls Cosby told him, ‘Maybe I will give you a
          knock upside the head one of these days. I said, ‘Yeah, go ahead and
          give it a try.’

          A few weeks later Cosby made good on his threat when the two ran into each other at one of Hugh Hefners Playboy Mansion parties.

          ‘I should have never turned my back on him,’ Smothers said. ‘He didn’t have the b*lls to do it when I was looking.’

          ‘He slipped behind Hugh Hefner and sucker punched me. He hit me right in the head with his fist.’

          Smothers went down, the book reports, at which point Cosby began shouting ‘Come onm I will kick your *ss!.’

          (Excerpt) Read more at nypost.com …
          I read more in other articles about this; it had come about through a misunderstanding at the time; Smothers had complimented Cosby on his new show not knowing it had been cancelled the day before; it is quite understandable that Cosby would have been upset, but sneaking up behind him and hitting him in the head was a cowardly act. BTW, Cosby was a fit 6’1″- athletic– Smothers was 5’8″ around 150 lbs.

          Wonder what Fat Albert would say about this bully… he’s good at overpowering women and men smaller than he.

          1. Nowhere have I stated that Cosby is a saint. The other side to that frankly is there are very few saints and to my knowledge none (and I mean NONE) of those saints are in Hollywood.

            1. When he’s drunk (kind of matches the Helen Hayes story when he followed the women at the golf tournament- he would have had to have been drunk to come behind and grope her in the restaurant):

              “Michael S. Tancredi · Top Commenter · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
              My wife and I met Bill Cosby in an Air France lounge on a trip to France aboard the Concorde. He came over to speak to us after noticing our
              Philly accents, and I as a recent graduate of Temple University was excited to chat. He asked me to get him a drink which I quickly obliged,
              while at the bar I noticed my wife was very uncomfortable so I went to rejoin the conversation.

              In front of me he began caressing her shoulders
              and whispering in her ear, she was in shock. Before I could react the Air France staff intervened removing Bill to a private room. I got some
              half-assed apology that he was drunk and to please forgive him. ….

              I am so glad all this finally came out. He is an obnoxious sexual predator who will now
              have to face additional allegations publicly. Just a note, other celebrities noticed his behavior and remarked at my ability to remain calm. He is a douche.”

              Reply ·
              Lawrence Baltazar Sr · Top Commenter · Thomas Kelly High School
              What was he whispering in your wifes’ ear? Should of added that in your comment.

              Reply · Like · November 14, 2014 at 3:33pm
              Michael S. Tancredi · Top Commenter · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

              Lawrence Baltazar Sr : He was saying he liked her body and her breasts! I didn’t want to re-embarrass my now ex-wife (with whom I am friends). [obviously there had been some time elapsed between the question and answer while he contacted his ex-wife for permission to give the answer]

            2. Thousands of powerful men and women in Hollywood, and we are to be duped that Bill Cosby is somehow the Big Bad Wolf. Easy sell to the simpleminded.

      2. Yet another “sweet Cosby” story:

        Now that more than a dozen women have publicly accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault,
        Hollywood insiders are also coming forward with claims that continue to
        chip away at the notion that the actor was anything like the character
        America fell in love with on “The Cosby Show.”

        As Page Six’s Richard Johnson
        relayed on Monday, a former National Enquirer reporter told Johnson
        that in exchange for the tabloid killing a story about Cosby “swinging
        with Sammy Davis Jr. and some showgirls in Las Vegas,” the actor
        allegedly leaked information about his daughter Erinn, then 23, and her
        battle with drugs and alcohol.

        “My editor told me that daddy Cosby
        was the source. He ratted out his flesh and blood,” said the reporter,
        who Johnson did not name on the record.

        It’s true that in October 1989 the National Enquirer ran a story on
        Cosby’s daughter’s drug problem, in which the actor told the tabloid,
        “Tough love is the only way of dealing with this. We love her and want
        her to get better, but we have to take a very firm, very tough stand
        that forces her to realize that no one can fix things for her. She has
        to beat this on her own.”

        The same week that story ran, the actor’s representative, David Brokaw, confirmed to The Associated Press that Erinn was seeking treatment for her issues, and stated that the actor would not comment again on the topic.

        The National Enquirer piece is “the only interview that he’s been willing
        to give on the matter,” Brokaw told the AP. ”He has a relationship
        with them. He has found them to treat him fairly.”

        Cosby did comment again, two months later in an interview with The Los Angeles Times.”We have four other children. This particular daughter appears to be the only one who is really very selfish,” he said. “She’s never held down a job, never kept an apartment for more than six months. She uses her boyfriends. She wants the finer things, but she can’t stand anybody else’s dirt.” It was an interview that prompted Washington Post columnist William Raspberry to write, “Bill Cosby, actor and entertainer, is not Cliff Huxtable.”

  8. you are an idiot and must have blind faith. It does not matter if he has been “charged”!. There are plenty of people who are guilty of rape and have not been charged. You better stop being so naive or you will find yourself in one his victims’ situations someday.

  9. Very few people are everything they appear to be.
    There’s no doubt about Bill Cosbys very pubic accomplishments and the difference he made as an artist, role model and humanitarian. There is also no doubt in my mind that he drugged and raped women in his private life. I believe the women. They have suffered public contempt for finally mustering up the courage to come forward. They are never going to make any money from this. They are just women standing up for each other because very few others will. I hope they finally find some sense of peace.

    1. No doubt. You have some intimate details u need to share with us and the police based on your certainty. You were the videoman or the drink supplier during these events? Or are you just one of imbecilic idiots supporting illogical tramps

    2. You are right that this is not about money. Gloria Allred is collecting a posse of “victims” out of the goodness of her heart. If Bill Cosby was poverty-stricken, Allred would still be pursuing him, correct?

  10. I read the full article and feel it was very well done. I also believe the “real” Cosby is more complicated than being a hero vs. villain, but as someone who struggles with why it’s so difficult to believe dozens and dozens and dozens of women, it’s articles like this that help me put it into perspective. He means a lot to a lot of people. And he’s good at what he does. So is the woman who interviewed him, I’m sure that there’s people in mainstream media that would give a finger or toe for this kind of access! And good on her for bringing up the allegations, very credible reporting.

  11. Hey Hey Hey!!!!! Bill Cosby My Buddy 🙂 I Just Want To Say Thank You For Talking Everyone About Me I Love You Bill Cosby And Camille Cosby Evin Cosby Erika Cosby Erinn Cosby Ensa Cosby Braxton A. Cosby Merisa Davis Leon Cosby III Big Hugs And Kisses Love Our Autistic Number 1 Fan Joshua Cosby <3 <3

  12. How refreshing. Finally an article by someone who actually personally interviewed Bill. Makes a nice change from the “journalists” that have been writing articles about Bill with information gleaned second, third and even fourth hand. Good work Kia Soto

    1. LOL, he can’t do a real interview anymore. wonder why he doesn’t post funny stuff on twitter anymore. He is finished, it’s hard to maintain any sense of credibilty when you have to find brown nosers to ask the questions that nobody cares about. LOL

    2. A welcomed alternative to the yellow journalism that have been too prevalent.

  13. How can a real journalist not ask the questions that pertain to the real issue. I would bet that the rapist told her what to ask and not ask. What an embarrassment to women.

    1. Ask that question of the journalists that interviewed the accusers. Now that would be interesting how they explain that away.

      1. Coleen the rapist has been given numerous chances to respond to the women’s accusations.So he decides to hide under the stature of limitations and gives only interviews to this type of reporter. Why dont you do this. Go to a rape center and see just how hard it is to report this crime.

        1. Bill Cosby explained in the interview why he could not speak. I see you trolling on the Bill Cosby pages you’re either a troll or someone that has an incentive to keep commenting. Either way we saw your comments and when you have 500 million dollars and aren’t hiding behind a keyboard give us a call. Until then you’re the coward. Understand the law and then comment to us with some authority.

          1. When I can write a stupid poem and not address the real issue I’ll get back to you. When I can pay hush money to my lawyers I’ll do the same. Your a fool if you think all guilty people are behind bars. Man you people are such idiots

            1. You can’t write a poem~ you have no talent~ nobody will accuse you of anything other than being a loser. You must have an incentive for him to speak out? $$

              1. Your right I may be a loser but I’m not an ignorant person who ignores women who have nothing to gain. Open your eyes. I know you can’t believe it because he’s a daddy role model but serial criminals operate this way. Go to you tube. Look at these women and then tell me it’s all made up.

                1. I have seen the case file on the defamation case on PACER go look it up loser. Oh that’s right you don’t have PACER LOL

                2. No 13 women did not testify. The original lawsuit 2005 Constand v. Cosby was settled. Nobody testified. There was 3 accusers that were deposed in a law office and Cosby deposed in a law office. I know who was deposed as I have PACER. Nobody testified in an open court of law. The defamation suit was filed in 2014 in Federal Court when Cosby’s lawyer and/or PR made comments defending him. The accusers (3) sued him in Federal Court that is why he can’t speak. Get it?

                3. Yes there was a settlement that Ms. Constand accepted! It takes both sides for an acceptance on a settlement. Get it….. slow minds need more time…

                4. I bet if the Catholic church accepted a settlement for child abuse you would think there’s a certain amount of guilt. Wow your unbelievable

                5. No I would not but the difference was those involved children and the entire church covering it up. There was documented evidence of the church moving priests they knew were raping children out of the parishes. There was evidence. Get it…….

                6. I’m sure your nice person. No-one is lynching anyone. .however I can’t believe you as a woman does not believe any of this as truth. Please please go to you tube and see these Women’s stories.

                7. I need evidence ruben. If it was you accused of that crime I would give you the same deference.

                8. True but at the same time I would hope you keep an open mind and not dismiss almost forty women as liars

                9. Everybody, understandably there is a lot of emotion on both sides; some can’t allow themselves to believe Cosby could be guilty of the accusations while those of us on the other side are more than upset that all these women would be branded liars.

                  As frustrated and angry as all of us might be with th “opposition’s” viewpoint, let’s be civil with each other, OK?

                  I wish those defending Cosby would remember that 2 of the accusers were only 15 when he started with them and some others 17.

                10. There’s plenty of evidence now, Teresa- but it’s all dressed up with nowhere to go under the circumstances- except in the court of public opinion.

                11. No prosecutor will charge this man unless they can find evidence. This is why he has not been charged. Unless there is some corroboration no charges will be lodged. I am waiting for that evidence to come. I am not going to jump onto the TMZ prosecution based on accusations that can not make it inside a court of law. I have a higher standard before I destroy a man.

                12. HI, Teresa- I’m Vicki – just using old photo of my husband as avatar. :o)

                  Teresa, the Statute of Limitations has long since passed for these women, so there will be no court proceedings.

                  There is one lawsuit pending but it is regarding defamation recently charged; not likely it will go to court, however.

                  What I have said is that if it hadn’t been too late there is, indeed, sufficient evidence to actually convict him in criminal court beyond a reasonable doubt; if you look at my earlier posts you will find a major piece- “habitual behavior”. As I also have said about all we have now is the court of public opinion.

                  Most rape cases are never prosecuted- “he said/she said” issue. Almost no men wind up convicted. Surely you don’t think this means most men are innocent?

                  I have had 2 attempts but they wouldn’t count here as strangers were involved, and one was when I was 4. But I also know of the hurt and frustration that other women have felt when they know the rapist but there isn’t the evidence to prosecute. Please look at my one example- this would be the rule- NOT the exception.

                  40 women had problems with this man- 13 from 2005 form solid evidence as I stated in an earlier post. And then there is Andrea Constand; no way would Cosby have settled with her had there not been sufficient evidence to do so. This was no “nuisance suit”- not by any means.

                  Why is it all right to crucify these women while defending Cosby? Have you any idea what it must be like to be drugged and then molested or raped by someone you trusted- someone who told you he’d be like a father to you?

                  Did you read my posts with Cosby’s comments re the Notre Dame student and the marching band?
                  This gives you an idea of who this man really is.
                  It can’t be argued away Teresa- can it?

                13. You present the women as an entity that are all the same. In real life women are unique, and can be truthful or dishonest, just as men can be. Should a man believe someone just because the person is a male? Of course not. Likewise it’s foolish to suggest that a woman believe people just because they are women.

                14. You are unfairly associating Bill Cosby with priests who have confessed, been convicted, and jailed. All that exists concerning Cosby are accusations. If accusations suffices, then a lot of people would be rounded up and jailed. Fortunately in the U.S., we require more.

                  A couple examples are Father Joseph Abruzzese, who was convicted in 1990, and received five years probation and Father Jeffrey Acebo who confessed to sexual abuse in 1986 (per Bishop-Accountability).

                  The Catholic priests abuses were international, and an example is Father James Scannell, who was jailed for rape in Australia (per ABC Australia).

                  It’s disingenuous to take someone who is merely accused and associate them with world-wide proven abuses that consisted of confessions, convictions, and sentences.

                15. Since when is writing coveted op-eds and securing lucrative book deals not considered a gain?

              1. I have a copy of the poem on my wall in my library room; it’s been there for almost 20 years.

              1. Dam your stupid. Just because it’s a public figure it’s beyond your simple little mind to even think it’s possible. Star struck idiot

                1. You still don’t get it slow man,it’s about having credible,logical evidence for labelling someone a rapist as civilized humans do.you wouldn’t know anything about that I know. Have u read about the low life air heads u are defending you little minded pieceofcrap.where is ur evidence?????.pathetic filth

                2. This is how stupid you are. There happen to be criminals out there not in prison. Also when you have a criminal such as this who knows how to hide his crime he can go on forever. And this coward who you seem to admire hides behind the stature of limitations and won’t come out fighting like a real man instead saying a stupid poem. I think you should ask yourself why he won’t say anything to protect his name from people like us who think he’s the filth.

                3. You are an abomination to the human specie and I’m being highly generous assuming u are one.have u heard the term silence is the best answer for fools like you. Why the hell should he wasreone iota, nanosecond of his breath on the bs of the century, even worse, on unintelligent, irrelevant idiots like u. You are a frustrated Catholic priest like fool who is loud and want to project their lonely, irrelevant lives on others. You sir or it,should be concerned about yourself. Just you.save your empty brain. If u have no evidence of his guilt. Stfu

                4. No evidence.Just forty tramps. Man I think your the pathetic one.And by the way good example of priest getting away with rape to you dumbastard

                5. You said it not me. Exactly no evidence which is a fact and 40 tramps. So what is it you are not getting again. Maybe hit ur head on a rock. Could restart ur brain you know. It might just make u realize that proof,evidence is needed in identifying a rapist. I’m not sure if you’ll ever be that smart. But I always hope

                6. do u even understand your own statement. lol at your nothingness. yeah you need a head check. do it soon.

                7. Motun- let’s imagine a scenario: Cosby drugs and rapes a woman. She goes to the police the next day- DNA sample is taken and blood and urine tests as well. The DNA matches Cosby’s and the other tests indicate some sort of drug they can’t identify (or maybe even they can).

                  Cosby is brought in for questioning: he explains that they had had consensual sex. He tells them she tries to extort money after this (or that she got angry with him because he hadn’t helped with her career as he’d promised- whatever).

                  He then gives the detectives a grin and says “well, I got myself into this one- she’s damned good-looking and I fell for the bait; money’s great to have but you have to be darned careful or you’re gonna be parted from a lot of it.” He is putting out his “best Cosby” act.

                  The detectives look at him with belief in their eyes; they smile and say “You’d better be careful the next time”.

                  Now, please tell me how you think the woman has a
                  snowball’s chance in hell of proving anything? About the only way to prove something like this is if there were injuries. Even light bruising could be explained away by saying the woman liked “rough sex”.

                  She not only would have gotten nowhere, but Cosby would have seen to it that she was blackballed-
                  And that’s exactly what would have happened to about any of them- which they- and Cosby- knew.

                  The exceptions could have been the 15-year-olds. These would have been looked at in a far more serious light. I have wondered about some of these parents, for sure. BTW, Judy Huth was 15 when Cosby took her and her 16-year-old also female friend to the Playboy Mansion; she has a photo of her with Cosby at the Mansion that day.

                  Cosby “specialized” in the vulnerable- and those with problems served him well, as they could be taken apart in court by Cosby’s- and his studios’ lawyers ( which studios were making a ton of money off him).

            2. when you can quit hiding and stand for something you believe in, when you can exercise critical thinking skills, a bit a foresight, a tad of hindsight, when you can evaluate and question stories to get at a truth, then maybe you’re worth listening to. As for now, it seems your job is hoping around the internet attacking Cosby supporters with nothing but your mouth and a lot of name calling.

              1. Tell me something. I believe your a woman. You do not find one once of truth in these women. Unbelievable

                1. truth? in the portions of the story that matter, no. Check them, research them. Look at the holes, look at the changes in stories. No, I do not believe the stories being told and they get more and more ridiculous. Are you telling me when the last 2 came out you were an instant supporter? Did their stories sound strange at all?

                2. how about when the author came out, the one who loves to talk about her one night stands, etc. Did you believe her too?

                3. truth? in the portions of the story that matter, no. Check them,
                  research them. Look at the holes, look at the changes in stories. No, I
                  do not believe the stories being told and they get more and more
                  ridiculous. Are you telling me when the last 2 came out you were an
                  instant supporter? Did their stories sound strange at all?

                  how about when the author came out, the one who loves to talk about her one night stands, etc. Did you believe her too?

                4. Lets go the other way to.How bout the woman who was with her mother and father. Why in the world would she humiliate herself like that. No monetary gain. PLEASE you tube their stories and tell me in your heart they are all lying

        2. You know.we all can play the label someone a rapist based on ttroubled tramps with no credible,logical, evidence game.you come from a family of inbred rapists.how about that.prove me wrong dumbo

          1. Yea forty troubled tramps with families.Some even with children and husbands. I bet you think all women are tramps. Omg not bill cosby. Americas rapist dad

            1. So because they are married with kids,they must be telling the truth?what world do you live in? Where is the evidence and tell me what part of each woman’s story is logical? Don’t be a following fool

              1. Boy your an idiot. First of all they gain nothing but fools like you calling them tramps. Then they have to tell the husbands who in some cases have been married for thirty years. Then they have to tell the parents. That’s precisely why they are afraid to come forward. Because of idiots like you.

                1. Dummy I guess your eardrums are dead and cannot read or you are just plain dumb. These tramps admitted during their lies that they told NOBODY for 20 30 40 90 yrs about bring raped and drugged as only Bill Cosby victims do.. Being married dumbass doesn’t make you a truth machine. We still live on earth retatd.

                2. Yea keep calling them tramps. I hope this so called reporter Kia reads this and sees the mentality of her readers

                3. What would we call your mentality. You are so caught up in the mob mentality u don’t even know. You call some one a rapist with no evidence and I’m the kid?you are a pathetic waste ofspace

    2. For once can people just shut up about the allegations and wait. I mean if the allegations were false, wouldn’t you feel dumb for jumping on the “he raped all of those women” bandwagon? I’m not saying he did or or not, but this isn’t at the level of the O.J. Simpson situation yet.

        1. If you were being accused of these crimes with no proof other than stories, should I believe that you did it because I fear that my daughter could have been raped?

          1. So no one believed the Jews.No one believed the victims in the catholic church. There comes a point where you have to make up your own mind. Forty women who have nothing to gain but embarrassing themselves. Telling their families and husbands.And you and this so called reporter can’t see this. One thing for sure she will never be an investigative reporter

            1. There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion as I have my own. If the allegations are proven to be true, then my opinions will change. Until then, I’m going to hear both sides of the story. Bill Cosby has obviously been told to stay quiet and I agree that it’s annoying because I cared a lot about him growing up, and this kind of drama is stressful.

              1. Ron a real man would come out swinging to save his name. But opinions change when no response is given. Then this and I’m not even going to call her a reporter skirts the issue it’s unsettling. Bill Cosby is a coward

                1. This is not about being “a real man”. It’s about doing what your lawyers tell you to do. He has implied his innocence (The poem that he told to the reporter), but again, he can’t simply start attacking his accusers and demand justice.

                2. She actually did ask the question, she gave him an out though and he took it, which I think is part of why he felt it safe to speak with her. He’s a master at control – as someone who also believes the women I like seeing this kind of stuff because it reminds me of how it’s possible to get away with what he’s allegedly done, and why it’s so easy for so many to dismiss the women.

                3. He’s a rapist. Yes, a rapist. How nice of you to give him air time to look like a great Dad.
                  What comes around, goes around.

                4. As someone who believes the women I also appreciate being reminded how the good “Dr.” aka “sir” is such a master at moving those who want/need to believe he can’t also be a monster. Take a look at Rebecca Kohler’s review in the National Post. Granted it’s for his Hamilton show which occured in a country that only needed 3 women and less than 48 hours to believe they were duped by an icon (Jian Gomeshi), but it still speaks to the incredible pull the man has in terms of controlling people who want to believe in him. I’m not saying I don’t believe he’s a predator when I say I appreciate that someone gave him a safe forum to speak. He’s a master. It’s truly no wonder he made people feel he was wholesome enough to drink his kool aid!

  14. Kia you are not a journalist but someone who is afraid to ask the hard guestions.a I’m sure Bill rapist Cosby would be glad to get you alone you kiss ass.

    1. clearly you are a cyber bully…. learn to spell before you try insulting people have a great evening

    2. I’m sure Cosby accuser Janice Dickinson would be glad to get you alone for more than a kiss. You just may be Dickerson’s 1001, as she has already reached 1000 according to what she told Howard Stern. But you better have money to be worth her time, as she’s a hustler.

  15. Congrats Kia!! I’m so excited about that interview. I can’t believe he ACTUALLY talked to you for that long. Venessa said you were special!! I LOVE BILL COSBY AND I WILL BE SO GLAD WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE HIM TF ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. OMG!! My big sis interviewed the ONLY DAD I KNEW. My dad died when I was 8 and when the Cosby Show came out I was soooo happy and couldn’t believe that a Black family was on TV and lived as professionals and real issues in life. I never missed an episode. People said..it’s been out forever, I wasn’t born then…so I saw reruns..but to me it was true life and loving. I would always say ”I’m going home to watch my DAD” everybody knew because they knew I was addicted to The Cosby Show. Congratulations sis on that interview, I wish I was with you. I would have hugged him and not let go because I love that man!!

      1. she said her real dad died years ago…..read before your miserable ass comes here trolling with negativity

          1. no kidding – pitiful…..how can you ignore almost 40 women/choose celebrity over womens rights to not be drugged and raped. unbelievable.

            1. Those are not women. They are viruses, blights that should be ignored and treated like the tramps they are.lyingass tramps to be exact

            2. The same way you ignore thousands of women and men who allege to have seen Bigfoot.

          2. Not everyone is joining in on lynching a human being based on unproven accusations. Did you ever learn in grade school that allegations aren’t facts?

      1. Shut up and make yourself useful you mindless follower. Do u have functioning non zombie like brain cells. Maybe u should look at the mirror since u are so anxious to label someone a rapist you closet rapist

        1. People who are part of a mob doesn’t respect facts and proof. So attacking people is their tactic.

  17. WOW!! You interviewed out TV Dad THE REAL BILL COSBY?? Your lil sister Venessa Milan said you you connected and is a Celebrity and is a force to recon with. I SALUTE YOU KIA!! You interviewed Bill Cosby!

    1. She captured an old man who is hiding from his past.I’m so glad you are in the minority. The rapist will never perform in a series or big venue again.

      1. Why are you not pursuing film director Roman Polanski and actor Stephen Collins both who were accused?

  18. Kia,I had to read this again..10 times..it brought me to tears. I loved it. This is Bill Cosby. A gentle loving human being who graced us with Laughter when we thought we could never laugh. Thank you Kia a interview that will last a lifetime in my heart.

    1. Why do some women always believe the men and not forty women. You brought me to tears to see how ignorant you are

      1. Believe the women like Cosby accuser Chelan Lasha who has been arrested on more than one occasion for false reporting to law enforcement.

  19. Great interview!! He’s a great person with great strength! It amazes that after all he’s been through, that he was so open to allowing you (a stranger) an interview! He loves people! It makes me feel good that he’s still positive and working on projects; he’s not done; I hope to see him perform one day!! Thank you Dr. Cosby and Kia Soto!!

  20. Thanks for sharing this interview. Its good to see a positive interview. The Kipling poem was especially a highlight for me. Well done.

  21. Excellent interview Kia Soto. An incredible picture of the reality of the Icon and the man behind it, with many questions answered. So much damage done over all of this.

    I actually liked the way it was laid out there on why he wouldn’t talk about certain issues, but then you asked at the end, and he responded that you already laid that out, right? So, no. That was a really well placed question, with the answer at the beginning.

      1. Kia – Have you considered interviewing any of the thirty plus women who claim they were drugged and raped to get their take on Bill Cosby?

            1. The accusers are already getting attention. Bill Cosby’s accusers are writing op-eds in coveted media like Newsweek. Propelled ahead of professional writers. How many aspiring journalists wish for such opportunities? The accusers are also getting national interviews, book deals, and TV roles. And they are promoting their personal paintings and other entrepreneurial works. What other goodies are to follow? Accusing Bill Cosby is carrying them to the front of lines. These are motives for their fabricated stories.

          1. Your ideal world is where everyone obeys the mob’s lynch mentality. Stupidity is ok as long as it comes from the elites. No individual-minded thinkers. Read Orwell’s “1984.”

  22. That was just AWESOME! What a remarkable man. It’s so refreshing to read something about this icon today that doesn’t come preloaded with bias and inuedo. What comes through is Bill Cosby’s love for his fans and for his art. Well done!

    1. Posters like you are the reason why some of these “icons” get away with slackness and no one believes the victims. No wonder they were hesitant to come forward. Bill Cosby was loooved. Why would all these ladies pick Cosby to accuse of such disgusting things? Why so many? Why him?

      1. Why do so many people (thousands) allege things such as seeing the Loch Ness Monster? Read history instead of watching TV.

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