Monica Brown Sporting A Baby Bump?


Awww, Monica looks really cute and dainty as she posed with some fans this past week after a game in Miami. Will her and Shannon be adding another addition for real this time? I guess we’ll just wait and see! Checkout a video of Monica performing… You be the judge.

Monica performed at Jazz in The Garden in Miami.



Spotted at Gumbumpers

  • Meiqua

    Monica has always been pretty slim, surprised if she’s gaining weight!

  • Venessa Thomas

    I think she’s just FAT

  • Gumbumper

    @twitter-17563403:disqus You may be right, lol!


    Monica has been sporting a bump allegedly since last summer. Honestly, I think she just got a gut at this point.

    • Nicola Gossips

      Oh! I was so happy for a second there.

    • Gossipwelovecom

      Ain’t not a can of slim fast won’t clear up! lol….I’m just saying!