Mimi and Nikko Call It Quits, And Mimi Gets Back With Stevie J?

mimi sultra loungeLove and Hip Hop Atlanta and its ratchetness continues. Last night Nikko, Mimi’s boyfriend had a video release party in Atlanta for his hit single “NY 2 LA” and from what we hear Stevie J shows up and interrupts  the party atmosphere.

Stevie J must be missing Mimi and wants her back not only did he show up uninvited he came bearing gifts trying to win her over.

Peep the TattleTailzz tea;

Mimi and Nikko were in the middle of a conversation at his “NY 2 LA” video premiere party last night in Atlanta. Stevie J rudely interrupted their conversation and presented Mimi with a Cartier watch ??? It appears Nikko who was intoxicated and pissed about Stevie J showing up and ruining his moment. After Stevie J’s thirsty move to get his ex back,  Nikko and Mimi begin to verbally fight with each other. All I know is Nikko told  Mimi to go back to Stevie J if she wanted because she was damaged goods…….


Cant wait to see what happens when that episodes air….stay tuned this is a TattleTailzz exclusive!!