Michael Jordan Responds to Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant



Since Donald Serling’s racist rant has been released, it has alot of people talking and speaking their mind. Now Michael Jordan, who is owner of the Charlotte Bobcats has responded with a statement of his own.


“I look at this from two perspectives — as a current owner and a former player,” Jordan said in the statement. “As an owner, I’m obviously disgusted that a fellow team owner could hold such sickening and offensive views. I’m confident that (NBA commissioner) Adam Silver will make a full investigation and take appropriate action quickly. As a former player, I’m completely outraged. There is no room in the NBA — or anywhere else — for the kind of racism and hatred that Mr. Sterling allegedly expressed. I am appalled that this type of ignorance still exists within our country and at the highest levels of our sport. In a league where the majority of players are African-American, we cannot and must not tolerate discrimination at any level.”

Magic Johnson even had some words for Sterling, because he was a subject of Sterling’s alleged comments but shared his view that Sterling should be forced to give up the Clippers on ESPN’s pregame show Sunday afternoon. Johnson is also one of the owners of baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers.

I won’t complain, because we need everyone to denounce this disgusting racist. Do I feel MJ or Kobe, are 100% sincere,nah. But expressing their disapproval is helpful,and keeps attention.