Michael Jordan and Wife Expecting Twins


Michael Jordan and wife Yvette are having twins! TattleTailzz was the first to break the Michael Jordan engagement story  two years ago, and now we are the first to report Michael Jordan and his wife, Yvette are expecting twin daughters. Michael Jordan, 50, and Yvette Prieto, 34, were married in April in Florida  after dating for  five-years, after MJ swore he would never marry again.

Well Michael is remarried and ready to be a father again!  Jordan has three adult children from his previous 17-year marriage to his first wife Juanita Venoy, which ended in divorce in 2006. No due date yet, however the source stated that the couple is ready to start their  family and excited about having twins!!!

We reached out to MJ’s publicist have not heard back to confirm the details of the pregnancy.

  • Coffy Brown

    Wow twins. go head, he is a truly a blessed man to be able to find such happiness again in life after how he did Juanita. im not a hater, I just really wanna see people happy, and he looks like he is! so Im happy – getting ready to head in to 2014 I figure we all fuck up, but as long as you get something from it all, then it wasn’t in vein, and everyone deserves a second chance.. Congrats to

  • Venessa Thomas

    DNA test plz!!

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  • anon

    When will Juanita’s family leave this couple in peace.

    • KiaSoto

      what is she doing to them??

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  • KiaSoto

    Twins run in whose family? Or maybe the in vitro ??

  • KiaSoto

    Another TattleTailzz exclusive