Mendeecees sentenced to 15 years???


This is sad. I feel for his kids more than anything. I clicked on the Febderal Bureau of Prisons and it shows that he is currently being tansferred to prison with a release date unkown.  He was basically charged with a drug trafficking conspiracy. His brother (has been in jail since last year) they say that they trafficked about 2.5 million dollars in heroin & cocaine from 2002-2012. 2.5 Million in TEN YEARS!!!! Doesn’t seem like they were good at their hustle!!!!

But i’m sure he made way more. That amount is only what the Feds knew about. (NEW YORK TWITTER) chatter is that Mendeecees has been sentenced to 15 years.   
Maybe they haven’t released the news of his sentencing just yet but
if he is in transit to another prison, then you know it’s probably true..

  • Drew d

    I guarantee you that $250,000/year is WAY MORE than the writer of this article makes. How can you say that’s not a lot? Idiot.

  • Fatima

    AThat’s the reason they found him not guilty with the rape case. A friend of mine Son was a drug dealer. He stopped hustling . He started selling guns instead.He got busted. He went to trial for the drugs. The judge found him not guilty . The Feds was in the court are the locked him up for gun charges. The Judge knew what was about to happen . Yandy karma is a bitch all the disrespect you gave to Chrissy and Jimmy with no remorse. This is a great time to mend fences. The Most High GOD can change hearts and minds.

    • Whydid Youblockme

      what did yandy do to chrissy & jim?

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  • Venessa Thomas

    Poor Yandy!!

  • sayword

    15 years for selling drugs for money, but i know a killer can go home in 8 with good behavior?? some justice system

    • Kia Soto

      sucks right, I agree

  • Gumbumper

    I think Yandy is denying it, we shall see.


    If this is true that’s just crazy! Wow!

  • Ciera Chant├íl | CheckoutMyBlog

    omg, this is so sad.

  • MB

    Has it been confirmed that he was sentenced to?

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  • Monke Suit

    Damn 15 years?