Megan Good, Karreuche Tran, Adrienne Bailon and Draya Team Up For Anti-Bullying Campaign Called “Be You”


The ladies are teaming up together Meagan Good, her sister La’Miyah good, Karrueche Tran, Adrienne Bailon, Christina Milian, and Draya Michele have a message for you; ‘Be You!’ Yesterday they launched an Anti-bullying campaign, it’s to raise awareness around the effects of bullying, especially online. while teaching people to love who they are in their own skin. Okay, as many times as Draya has gone in on somebody on twitter for being ugly or broke, she is the last person who needs to be in a anti-bullying campaign.








I applaud their efforts but side-eye the choice in ladies to represent, between Adrienne quoting a Jay-Z Song, Draya half naked..Using this to promote her “line” (a smart move, though), this looks nothing like an anti bullying campaign. The irony of the women they chose.  Karreuche and Adrienne look really nice that is all I got.

  • Coffy Brown

    I love the idea behind this – but will it really help – pretty chicks in strange clothes will not stop bullying – now if they took the time to pust somre reall people, LGBT, overweight, Underweight people in this campaign – IT might have more of an effect!

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  • Venessa Thomas

    Good girls….keep doing ya thang!!

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  • MrsGrapevine

    Wow the jokes could write themselves, but I’m glad it’s anti bullying program. Unfortunately the message will fall on deaf ears.

    • Coffy Brown

      as it always does!

  • Nic

    Draya is the only one without real clothes on. lol. On a serious note, out of all of these ladies, Draya gets bullied the most I think. They never give this chick a break. It would have been really dope if they were pictured with young girls ( fans) who are overweight etc. in order to have more of an impact. But hey.. I acknowledge their effort.

  • mb

    Draya will continue her come-up thanks to all her haters. I’m telling you, the haters keep certain people relevant and they just don’t know it.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      I actually like Draya a little, but you are right about that… LOL

    • Coffy Brown