Meet LHHATL Nikko’s Wife Margo Simms



Well, after Monday’s episode of Nikko coming forth to mimi about him being married and trying to justify him not telling her, pictures of his wife appears..   Her & Mimi have similar jawlines/bone structure. She is a Canadian native by the name of Margo Simms and did some digging for us… Check out the tea inside.. Margo is also a music artist as well… 


She’s from Toronto
She’s a Leo. Her birthday is in August
Lives in New York
She works at Webster Hall as a bartender
Extremely into fashion & enjoys funky, attention-grabbing clothes
She is a singer
Went to school for fashion design
She considers herself shy 
Got a college scholarship for Fine Arts









She’s one of those girls who are pretty but try their hardest to make themselves ugly.

Check out her music below this song is called “Chick Commandments”


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