Meet Naomi Campbell’s New Billionaire Oil Tycoon Boo?



I knew it was only a matter of time before Naomi replaced Vlad with another man who has ***WAY MORE MONEY*** than him… Meet Nigerian oil tycoon billionaire Kola Aluko for those who don’t know who Kola Aluko is, he’s a big player in the oil and gas and aviation sector worldwide. He is the deputy CEO and leading shareholder in Seven Energy, an oil and gas firm, with HQ in Lagos and London. He is also on the advisory board of Vista Jet, a Swiss based private jet charter company.

It was reported recently that he flies all over the world in his own Private Jet, while another spare jet follows at the back. One thing about Naomi she is not messing with a Broke guy at all… Apparently they’ve been dating since the summer, because of course she was living the yacht life the yacht’s interior had a giant pic of her inside of it and a black panther, her nickname.

boo1 boo2


Of course after being photographed with him, her ex boo Vlad “HAD” to be seen with his new boo Lou Zilin,  who was a former  contestant on Naomi’s show.

anna vlad


Vlad who got his fashion come up from Naomi had to show that him and his young boo Lou are going strong. Anna W and Naomi have been frenemies for years, so it would only make sense,  I knew Vlad would make sure he was snapped asap with Luo because of all the stories and pics in recent days of Naomi with possible new beau Kola Aluko who’s has many billions more than Vlad.

Vlad’s Yatch

vlad yacht



  Aluko’s yacht


galactica star

But let’s not praise him just yet, He has two wives that apparently are neglected and poor back in Nigeria with a few kids… I swear… Read the drama with him and his wives here.. They are not here for his parading around with Miss Campbell.

Naomi stays climbing up the ladder with her men. As an OFFICIAL HO PIECE, she has the official GOAT Title. I think she WANTS to be married and settled and for that I can’t give her too many props for not being able to convert her status to WiFEDOM, but her life is still lovely. Naomi, sad to say it may never get wifed up. She is a bad chick, but a used one and despite looking flawless, not a spring chicken, she will forever be a HO PIECE. I stan for her modelling career and I’m glad she’s not a dumb bimbo and plays her position well to make every relationship beneficial for her, but only skanks with no F***S to give about doing better and becoming OFFICIAL should follow her plan. If your going ho, ho right. .

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  • Coffy Brown

    Im so happy he is not white – that Yacht is gorgeous! Can’t be mad at a chick who got her own money and probably never has to spend a dime – I aint mad!

  • Ciera Chantál | CheckoutMyBlog

    Welp, can’t believe his not white….good luck Na Na.

  • MB

    Her new man is not attractive!

    • Coffy Brown

      he’s cute – kind of! lol

  • Gigi

    Naomi has terrible taste in men.