Meet Dwayne Wade’s “Alleged” Baby Momma (AGAIN)


I put again because back in January we told you about D wade’s side piece and how he was messing with her while with Gabrielle Union. She goes by the name of Sandrina and apparently she is the on that is pregnant with his seed.

Tongues are wagging D Wade’s poor performance could be attributed to allegations that he got his ‘side chick’ pregnant. Reportedly she is a model named Sandrina who lives in LA and has been with D Wade for years – and plans to have his child. I am not surprised by the shenanigans, I mean Gabby knew fully well that this man wasn’t really ready to be in a committed relationship. He was married to his wife for a long time. He cheats with her and then bumps her up to main once he divorced his wife.  Then he is still young at that. Oh well, Gabby is not going no where, she’s been with half the industry and D wade is the only thing that really keeping her pretty much relevant, but I know she has to feel some type of way. But how you get them is how you lose them plain and simple… Womp, Womp!! lol