Meet Dwayne Wade Latest Jump Off, Marcus Vick’s Baby Momma?

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Well, Well, Well, looks like Mr. Family Man Dwayne Wade is not excluded from the baller statistics of having groupies and jumpoffs.

As Tattle Tailzz reported last week D. Wade has a side piece in LA. *sighs* well sources are telling us D-Wade has yet another side piece. Meet Delicia Cordon, Owner of DeCordon.

Yes, the fashion stylist to all the eyecandy, reality stars, and jumpoffs. Allegedly, Ms. Cordon has been sneaking around with Dwayne Wade all around Atlanta. “He calls, texts her constantly, and begs to be with her”, a source says.


Delicia Cordon and Marcus Vick in happier times.

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Pictured above: Chrissy, Micheal, Marcus, and Courtney Vick.

While Ms. Cordon isn’t an innocent by-stander. She is the girlfriend of Eagles Quarterback, Mike Vick’s brother, Marcus Vick (who is also the father of her 2 children) and Ms. Cordon’s relationship became rocky when she found out Marcus was allegedly cheating on her with Fabulous baby momma/girlfriend Emily B. (hope she went to the clinic #IJS).

After the two were spotted in an Atlanta night club and Ms. Cordon went into a deep depression with crying spells and weight gain sources say??

Guess DWade had no problem coming through picking up the pieces!

First off, Gabby needs to pull out that “Deliver Us From Eva” character on Dwayne Wade butt. He’s getting outta control. Before you know it he’ll have babies out there, and at that point there’s no room for moving forward in any type of relationship!

Gabby girl keep your OBGYN on deck, #ILS

  • Stacy

    This story is 100% FALSE… the girl has no link at all to Dwayne Wade. It’s sad people can post your picture and write up a FAKE story and idiots fall for it

  • chu’

    I find it EXTREMELY funny that i came across this post….when we’re now finding out that D. Wade has a baby with one of his jump offs. smdh.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Well unfortunately he has several women he likes to run through

  • Whydid Youblockme

    i’m so SICK of BLACK MEN suckin’ up to these light-skinned longhaired european white looking B! TCHES, and it’s soooooo “interesting” how ALL of ’em JUST HAPPEN to have BIG PHAT A$$ES #FAKEASSES #SILICONBUTTOCKS #BUTTSURGERY

  • cinnamonchic

    confusing story a lot 6 degrees of separation.

  • TuMika Greene Stay-Fly

    None of this shits true smh

  • 99142

    No class and little ass! Trick!

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  • Oh the Drama

    DWade is not gabby husband he’s her Boyfriend And FURTHER MORE KARMA IS THAT BISH U REAP WHAT U SOW!! Hoe

  • Venessa Thomas

    these HOES man!!!

    • Oh the Drama

      These manHoes?? One ain’t no BETTA than the other

  • Ciera Chantál | CheckoutMyBlog

    Omg, this is too much…lol D. Wade needs to relax, he has Gabby. Men and their dirty antics.

    • Oh the Drama

      He had a wife to!! Sooo

      • Ciera Chantál | CheckoutMyBlog

        oh, lol I forgot….that’s true.

      • Annoymous

        And the wife had him when she was spreading hers

  • T-Baby

    wow..these athletes and celebs are a hot MESS! SMH