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Twitter Fail: Meek Mill Calls Nas Old and Bitter?



You SpongeBob fish looking self, having the audacity to talk about my boo, I’ll be glad when Meek Mill’s 15 minutes is up because he is too full of himself for no reason.  Nasir and Meek got into a little Twitter beef a few minutes ago.. I guess Nas was calling Meek on something and Meek responds by calling him old and bitter and that Nas is no competition!

Nasir Jones ✔ @Nas
Why do certain dudes only hit u up to put u to work for them??Haa

Nasir Jones ✔ @Nas
When u Hot! … They all call u. Eff it… Use them back!! Ha

The Ghetto Pastor @kease2kool
I had a feeling Nas was talking about Meek Mill hoe ass earlier, I just knew it….you reached your dream Meek now here come your nightmare

Meek Mill ‏@MeekMill 16h
We ain’t making you old suckas popular for a week Nomore..ima let. Ya starve!

Meek Mill ‏@MeekMill 17h
My jewelry match my cars…. my cars match my house! I can’t believe this dude b tryna go back and forth #oldandbitter

Old bitter ****** b talking bcuz they had it and fumbled…… It’s no competition….


Meek I thought you said you don’t want to go back to the bottom. Why are you picking fights your going to lose. Pick fights with Trinidad James or Lil B not lyricist like Cassidy and Nas.

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  • Coffy Brown

    Meek Mill is a down low brother in Philly, I can;t wait for that tape to be leaked! All Im sayin is ninjas like NAS, made it possible for ninjas like you to do what you and have the jewelry. the cars and the houses! So step back Jack or step out of the closet! – 2nd, Has Harvard started a program initiative in the name of Dreamchasers? I think not – Meek it’s time you several fucking seats! – he just lost a fan!

  • Venessa Thomas

    who is meek/?

  • yazmar

    Meek ain’t shit…nor does he rap about anything worthwhile. Nas is one of the greats