Meagan Good For January 2014 Issue Of Upscale Magazine, Talks Marriage and Fame


Meagan Good is looking flawless on the January issue of Upscale Magazine,l while wearing a multi-color body-con dress and talking about Marriage and the drama that comes with fame.

In the new January 2014 issue of Upscale Magazine, gorgeous Anchorman 2 star Meagan Good dished on her marriage to preacher DeVon Franklin and the sense of freedom she’s felt since walking down the aisle and how “love” empowered her. Check the Excerpts inside.

On her newfound freedom since tying the knot:
“Oddly, you would think in marriage it would make you feel like you have less freedom, but I’m finding that I have more freedom [since I’ve been married] because I trust myself more and I’m a little bit more absolute about my choices…”
On her fears about getting married:
“What I feared about marriage was that I would lose my identity and be controlled or suffocated or like a caged lion and what I found was the exact opposite. I’m way more empowered, more content, more confident and just freer across the board.”
On being famous:
“In this business you do get picked apart and you do get kind of bullied everyday, with the blogs and everything… People say, ‘well if you didn’t want all of that then you shouldn’t do this for a living’ but there’s a difference between someone who wants to be an actress because they want to be famous and someone who wants to do good work and they could take or leave the fame because it’s not about the fame or money, it’s genuinely about the art. That’s the category that I fall in. With the fame, to be honest, I could really leave it.”

You know that Megan Good is starring in Anchorman 2 with Will Ferrell, which debuts today… Issue is on stands now… Go check it out!




  • Coffy Brown

    So In love with Meagan – she has this thing about her that is so magnetic! and hse has such a great personality and is very humble – Love her!

  • Venessa Thomas

    EYE LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!1