Mayweather still undefeated

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Floyd Mayweather faced Canelo Alvarez tonight and handled business as usual! However, it was not an easy one. Mayweather weighs 150lbs while Alvarez weighs a healthy 165lbs. They went all 12 rounds and neither one of them gave up the entire time. Mayweather scored a majority decision victory over Alvarez. Dave Moretti scored 116-112 and  Craig Metcalfe 117-111 for Mayweather; despite C.J. Jones who tied 114-114. Which was questionable. Flyod “Money” Mayweather was accompanied to the ring by Lil Wayne and Justin Beiber as well. Mayweather is very cocky but when you’re 45-0…..why not? I’m still waiting to see Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao. Until then congrats to Money Mayweather.



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