Maxwell Praises Jennifer Lopez , Says Kim Kardashian & Beyonce’ Should Pay Homage


I truly don’t know why Maxwell even set himself up like this, especially when it comes to the BeyHives…. They do not play about their queen…. Beyonce….  In a recent interview Maxwell talks about releasing an album this year, but he also hints at marriage…  But the most interesting of all is when he was talking about working on a project with Jennifer Lopez… Whom he has known since her In Living Color days…..


He praises J Lo for being an entrepreneur and  says that Beyonce’ and Kim Kardashian can look up  to her and say that she’s paved the way for them….. “His words… Not mine”..

Maxwell states:

“She’s such an American success story,” he said of the 44-year-old entrepreneur. “There are people like Kim Kardashian, even Beyonce, that can look at her and say, `Yo, she showed us how to shut it down. She was the original stunter.'”


Maxwell has clearly lost his mind after that surgery…. Because he was clearly on something when he decided to make this comment…Kim stated that J. Lo was her idol, which makes sense. But Bey learned how to shut it down from watching legitimate divas… Diana, Tina, Mariah, etc. Nobody was thinking about jenny from the block.. I just need for him to come out with a banging album… Less talking, more doing!



  • The Gift

    “I think because I do a lot of different things, I don’t get credit for
    being great at one thing like some people are,” Lopez, 44, said of her
    mixed-medium career. “Somebody once told me, ‘One of the best things is
    when people underestimate you, because then you can always surprise

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  • KiaSoto

    The Oprah meme is hilarious

  • Venessa

    Yeah, but eye don’t think he meant any harm though

  • ToniPayne Pop Culture Updates

    lmao.. the Oprah meme was classic

  • mb

    Maxwell is going to get dragged on social media!