Matt Barnes Is Pissed With His Teammates After Blake Griffin Altercation With Serge Ibaka

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Matt Barnes is truly pissed off at his team members the Clippers.  The other night Matt and Serge Ibaka got into an altercation because Matt’s team mate Blake was trying to handle Serge Ibaka.. Keri Hilson fine specimen of a man the other night, which got Matt ejected from the game. To be honest Blake Griffin was being a woose and started the whole thing, Serge was just trying to maneuver his way from underneath Blake’s arm and Matt basically jumped in and it was on from there.

He then took to Twitter to express his frustration saying that his teammates cost him money….


For Matt to be trippin is stupid, no one asked him to jump the gun and start a shoving match with Serge, besides Blake stays taking cheap shots. All serge was trying to do was get from under Blake’s clutches.  And why he had to call his teammates niggas on Twitter in the middle of  the Icognito fiasco? Plus Serge would of beat the brakes off of Blake and Matt combined. Of course he deleted the tweet, but added this picture on Instagram… Trying to say Ibaka had his chance to hit him, but didn’t…. Men who never take responsibility.. Now you want to cry because you got fined, he better be careful before they fine him again for Tweeting during a game…. They didn’t mind making an example out of Kobe!


  • Coffy Brown

    Fuck Matt – he is a lame Serge would lay his ass the fuck out!

  • Venessa Thomas

    He should have dropped kicked his azz

  • mb

    This is his job, why is he acting foolish and using a racial slur about his job? Matt Barnes signed a huge contract with the Clippers during the off season, he needs to chill.

  • Meiqua

    Hot mess!