Mary J. Blige’s Husband Kendu Has A Secret Penthouse To Entertain His Groupies?

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 So this would explain all of Mary’s legal woes.. According to the New York Post who put up a blind item about the queen of R&B and her husband, which later confirmed that it was Mary. Said that she doesn’t understand where her legal issues were coming from. Apparently Kendu is living above his means and  entertaining his groupies on Mary’s dime.

Mary is now facing “EVICTION” that NYC penthouse is of course in her name. Ladies never put all your trust in a man to the point that you allow him to be in control of EVERYTHING.. Even your finances. Bad news: Her money may be Messed up, but the good news is her next album will be epic! According to sources everything is in trouble her homes – main house, vacation homes, condos, etc. How ironic I am listening to her as I am writing this…. I never liked how she claimed he made her feel worthy and how he taught her how to love herself, etc. That’s something you as a woman should work out within yourself while you’re single. Her mistake was walking into a marriage with that kind of mentality. And now you have this, sigh…. He played and took advantaged of that. Never fully put your trust in a shady dude.. Especially one that left the other to be with you…..  Alledgedly Kendu fathered  at least 2 more kids behind Mary’s back. It’s amazing what PR People can do to make one look good and innocent. Hide the most drama… Just shade all around.. Mary better wake up….

  • B’Khari Jones


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  • Coffy Brown

    I’m sayin, I know love is blind, but how blind does it really have to be tosee he is below Mary on most if not all levels. From jump I wasnt feelin him . From K-Ci no good ass straight to Kendu. Mary needs a damn baby and needs to leave these busta ass dudes alone

  • Venessa Thomas

    Poor Mary. Who do I trust? ME! Who controls and handle MY money? only ME!!

  • mb

    I’ve heard about him, but shrugged it off as gossip. Kendu loves to purchase gifts from Cartier.

  • ShelbyMoore

    Two outside kids???? How shameful. I knew his little squinty eyed ass looked like he’s no good. SMH.