Mary J. Blige Sued For Defaulting on $2.2 Million Dollar Loan


Girl that is not what’s up… I thought things were going well Mary?…. Damn!  Word on the curb is Mary and her husband Kendu are being sued because she defaulted on her loan for 2.2 Million to the bank. According to papers that were filed in New York State Supereme Court, Signature Bank is suing the couple for the amount of the original loan, plus interest. The lawsuit states that Blige and Issacs took out a loan October of 2011 and defaulted July 2012.


This is the second lawsuit for the singer this year, she is being sued along with The Steve Stout Foundation for defaulting on that loan also. To the tune of $250,000… get it together MARY! She also got backlash for mishandling funds when it came to paying for scholarships for students. Mary has yet to release a statement to state her case, but we will be waiting……

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