Mary J. Blige Money Problems Worsen $3.4 MILLION Tax Lien

mjbMan, what is Mary J. Doing with her life that she is in all this money trouble? Her financial issues have quadrupled. She has now been slapped with 3.4 Million dollar tax lien. The IRS filed a federal tax lien  against the Grammy winner, claiming she failed to pay all her income  taxes for the years 2009 ($574,907.30), 2010 ($2,203,743.53) and 2011  ($647,604.60).  Tax bill grand total: $3,426,255.43

First of all the United States is broke as hell, so they are going after any and anybody who hasn’t payed their dues. But that is not all Mary J. owes… She also owes the state of New Jersey $901,769.65 in back taxes. Blige is being sued for allegedly defaulting on a $2.2 million bank loan and her charity is facing a lawsuit that claims it took out a $250k loan and never paid it back.Messing with Uncle Sam and his paper gonnna have her and Lauryn both in the slammer singing real life PRISON SONGS! Get it together.