Mary J. Blige Defaults On Another Loan????



This is not a good look… I need for Mary to take a good look at the people around her, because something in the milk  ain’t clean!.. Back in November Mary J. Blige was sued by Signature Bank for defaulting on a $2 million bank loan… Now Bank of America is coming for her!  She took out a $500,000 loan, paid it for six years, and still owes $511,000..Kendu must not be on his job!


From NY Post

R&B diva Mary J. Blige is singing the money blues after she allegedly defaulted on a $500,000 Bank of America loan, according to a new lawsuit.

The 41-year-old Blige — whose album sales have topped 50 million — took out the loan in 2005 and made payments through June 2011, when she abruptly stopped, the Manhattan Supreme Court suit claims.

The soulful singer now owes more than $511,000, which includes a $497,000 unpaid principal plus interest, court papers charge.

The Bronx-born recording queen has reportedly defaulted on sizable loans in the past.

What kind of financial managers and accountants does she have? Why was she unable to pay the loan off after six years? There is something odd going on with her finances, and it’s a shame Mary isn’t more up on what’s going on with her money. Get it together boo!

  • Spilldabeanz

    Come on Mary you too caked up for this non sense..