Mannie Fresh To Master P : “F*ck Master P, man! “

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Well it seems like Mannie Fresh is still not here for Master P after all these years…. Mannie  had the internet buzzing after singling out Master P in new video footage..  He is taking direct shots at P… Leaving nothing out during a show he did with T.I..

Reports Ebengregory:

“F*ck Master P, man! I don’t give a f*ck about that, I’m doing me! Yeah, I said it. Quote it. I ain’t gonna take it back. … I don’t f*ck with P. I’m not gonna take it back.” (Hip Hop Den)

Reports claim the tensions boiled over a track from the late 1990′s.

Mannie Fresh is not a fan of Master P and let it be known loud and clear during a recent DJ performance in Atlanta that featured KLC, T.I., Zaytoven and DJ Toomp amongst many others. When KL dropped the ’98 No Limit smash hit, “How You Do That” and sent the crowd into a frenzy, Fresh hopped on the mic and said, “F*ck Master P.” (XXL Mag)

Last year, Master P discussed a possible past issue Mannie may have had with him.

“I ain’t into all that, man. It’s not a gimmick for me, this for real. So, I wish him the best of luck, but I never talked to Mannie Fresh back then…don’t even know him like that. I always thought he was a great producer, and I think he should stay in his lane at that…And if you feel like it’s some bad blood over a record or something, c’mon man. [16] years ago you ain’t say nothing. You saying something now? So you must not be no real dude. ‘Cause if somebody took something from me, I’m going to see him.” (HHDX)


Whatever….. Like Master P hasn’t been hot since the 90’s and Mannie is probably still salty because he is no longer with Cash Money…..

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