Man Cancels Wedding To Watch Kobe Bryant’s Return Tomorrow


People are so sick and delusional, that they would go to the extremes of canceling their own wedding. A San Diego couple were set to exchange wedding vows this Sunday after months of preparation until it was abruptly canceled, and they have Kobe Bryant to blame.

According to reports, 28 year old Simon Bradley, a self-described ‘obsessed’ Laker fan decided to post-pone his wedding so he can attend Kobe Bryant’s highly anticipated return to the court from a torn Achilles this Sunday at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The man promised his finance Melissa they will set a future date, but it will be after the season.

The couple, who were set to wed at the Banquet Hall inside the Marina Village inconvenienced about 60 guests.

Lakers host the Toronto Raptors Sunday at Staples Center, the game will be nationally televised on NBA-TV. I would beat the brakes off my fiance for that, but this should be a wake up call, he is showing her who he really is… I could not go through with rescheduling ? I like Kobe and all, but no!

2 thoughts on “Man Cancels Wedding To Watch Kobe Bryant’s Return Tomorrow

  1. Oh ,, he would of come home to an empty house – I dont give a fuck – i love NBA too – but if they are priority over the woman’s most important day in her life next to having kids – it says baby I love you, but you are not #1 in my life – and if that’s okay with her – more power to them` – but it wouldnt be me

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