Mama Joyce, Kandi and Todd on ABC’s The View


Mama Joyce, Kandi and Todd were all on ABC’s The View to talk about their family issues This was an entertaining segment. Mama Joyce, Todd, and Kandi all maintained their positions. No one budged. No one learned anything.

Mama Joyce is a selfish old broad who will never see the wrong she’s doing so if Kandi wants Todd in her life she’s gonna have to stop crying, put on her grown ass woman panties , and make a choice. Check out what her father has to say about his ex wife and her antics……

8 thoughts on “Mama Joyce, Kandi and Todd on ABC’s The View

  1. This is all for publicity. Meanwhile.. they are laughing together while cashing those checks. They are gonna play into this until the checks stop rolling in.

  2. I just don’t understand Kandi, it’s ok for Mama Joyce to disrespect Todd? When Todd voiced his opinion and made it clear he might not stick around if this keeps happening, Kandi was angry at Todd. So Todd is suppose to sit back and take all this from Mama Joyce?

    1. Kandi is weak when it comes to her mother and she constantly lets her manipulate her emotions. Joyce is not a happy woman and this would explain why Kandi hasn’t been in a true stable relationship. Too busy worried about what her mother thinks

  3. Miss Joyce needs to get her life and let shit go ! this is not her life! this is very much Kandi’s life and she needs to be able to make her own fuck ups – We’ll see how many decisions she lets Kandi makes before she feel the wrath!

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