Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles Music Company Will Team Up With Twitter To Find New Talent


Big news for Twitter Followers who are artist always promoting and putting your hard work out there, Lyor Cohen’s latest music industry venture, 300 Entertainment, will partner up with Twitter in its search for music’s next big stars.

 This is a Google-supported joint venture with Todd Moscowitz and Kevin Liles, the new independent music company seeks to nurture artists in a holistic effort between managers, agents and the artists themselves. In his keynote at the annual Midem music industry event in France, Cohen shared the company’s mission, and how social media could help.

“In the modern A&R business we are all looking for talent in various places, and certainly Twitter is a terrific place to look at talent, he said. “If you want to get signed, you have to engage with Twitter, and of course YouTube, and we’ll be looking to try and develop tools that the rest of the music community can utilize.”

“Music is the largest topic of conversation on Twitter, so we’re really invested in building a win-win environment for fans, artists, labels, promoters and music services,” Moz told Mashable. “This partnership is a great example because it is about helping artists and labels find each other. We’re looking forward to working with [300 Entertainment head Lyor Cohen’s] team in the coming months, and we hope they find great artists to sign as a result.”

Though the specifics on how each involved entity will work in their combined efforts, Cohen hopes the two will alter the music business for good.


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  1. This is really cool – there actually are some really great singers and artists ontwitter – that dont get a lot of shine – it’ll be interesting to see where this goes!

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