Ludacris Wins Primary Custody of His Daughter


We previously reported that Ludacris was seeking custody of his baby girl, and today Chris “Ludacris” Bridges won primary physical custody of his baby daughter. Ludacris was awarded  primary custody of 1-year-old Cai Bridges, Ludacris recently married his longtime girlfriend, Eudoxie.   Tamika Fuller, the baby mother was granted visitation. The courts found that Ludacris was a better parent than Tameka Fuller, after learning she abandon her first child. 

SandraRose reports:
After review of all the evidence, the testimony of the witnesses, the report of the guardian ad litem, and the claims made throughout this entire case, I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter.
TMG, Esq. The court determined that Ms. Fuller was a pathological liar who was unfit to be the primary parent due to the fact that she abandoned her first child — a daughter who is now 20 years old.

The court found that Ms. Fuller:
1. abandoned her 1st child at very young age
2. left her first daughter with her family and moved out of state for years
3. lacked a consistent employment history
4. was unable to take care of herself
5. lacked stability (Cai lived in 3 different homes with Fuller in the 1st year of her life)
8. used the baby for publicity purposes
The court found that Mr. Bridges:
1. exhibited more stability
2. demonstrated a history of taking care of Cai (he had her 145 days out of 365 days).
3. demonstrated he would foster a good co-parenting relationship with Fuller

Updated info 1/29/2015 via SandraRose

Amazingly, Fuller’s attorneys called her eldest daughter to the witness stand on Tuesday to testify for her mother. But the young lady broke down on the stand when she described how jealous she was of the bond between Fuller and Cai — a bond that the eldest daughter was deprived of because Fuller abandoned her as an infant 20 years ago.
The testimony of the eldest daughter was painful for everyone in the room. It was so emotional the court had to take a recess. She said her mother taught her you have got to fend for yourself in life.
Luda’s attorney chose not to cross examine the eldest child on the witness stand. She did not want to put her through any more public humiliation.


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  1. I think that Ludacris jus’ got lucky, because Tamika Fuller said in court that he wanted her to have & abortion, & that he even gave her money to have the abortion. PEACE!!!

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