Ludacris Drops $5 Million On A New House In LA!


Well since he says he only makes $25k a month, I wonder how is he able to make such a hefty purchase? Ludacris was outed this week by his longtime friend and baby mama this week after announcing they had a baby and of course he is trying hard for her not to take him to cleaners, but check out his new $5million dollar pad he just purchased out in LA.


Ludacris coughed up $4.8 Million for a nearly 6,000 square foot, freshly rehabbed contemporary high the Hollywood Hills near Runyon Canyon. Listing details show the three-plus floor residence has an attached two-car garage with additional off-street parking for up to seven a real luxury in a house in the hills.

There are five bedrooms and five bathrooms including separate staff quarters and a spacious master suite complete with sitting area, fireplace, wet bar, dual bathrooms, large dressing room/closets, and private balconies with glass balustrades and views of the Hollywood sign and the twinkling lights of Hollywood and beyond.


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Did you know his baby momma is a former stripper? She was trying for that come up and she succeeded, now by him stating he only makes $25k a month, but you out here purchasing houses for $5mill in LA? The plot thickens!!

LA Times

13 thoughts on “Ludacris Drops $5 Million On A New House In LA!

  1. Im done with this nigga – 25k we all knew was a got damn lie – so he doesnt have to take care of his responsibilites – all Im sayin is Luda need to stop the madness

  2. Ummmm, if he lives in LA, he will have to pay a lot more if his baby-mama has the case moved to LA courts. He’s not so smart, is he?

  3. What are they going to do when Cali falls into the ocean? Not even hating, but I’ve seen better “mansions”…

    1. it is a bad ass house boo – which I hardly hear from you anymore – But yes this mafucka is a bad bitch!

  4. and the ignorance continues…. He has that Fast 7 check coming so he’s gonna have to pay. I hope they weren’t stupid enough to post anything on IG. I wonder if her name is on the house on papers the way she is posing like that.

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