Ludacris Confirms His Love Child With Another Woman, But Can’t Afford It?


I guess everyone is pulling a Ross Gellar from friends, when he cheated on Rachel and said “We were on a BREAK”
Ludacris got Tamika Fuller an old friend from high school pregnant, but he’s taking precautions now … because he wants to legally establish his paternity and then set a hard limit on his child support.

Ludacris has been in a long-term relationship with Eudoxie — pronounced kinda like the book in the Bible (don’t ask). But Luda took a break from Eudo long enough to get Tamika Fuller preggo. Check The baby registry.

Cai Bella Bridges was born December 9th. And here’s where the plot thickens.

It seems Ludacris knows he’s the daddy, but he’s worried Tamika will go in for the kill. So he’s filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — claiming he’s only pulling in $25,842.41 a month on average. Under Georgia law … his monthly child support payment would be set at $1,754.66. But you’re flossing just buying you’re girl a diamond bracelet

And vacationing in St. Hart’s with Kevin Hart?


FYI … Forbes says Luda is worth $12 mil … but that seem real low. You wouldn’t be worried about paying thousands in Child Support if you just purchased a $5 pack of condoms.


8 thoughts on “Ludacris Confirms His Love Child With Another Woman, But Can’t Afford It?

  1. They were in St. Barts aka Anguilla. $25K/month is still decent and child support would only be $1,754.66??? That’s crazy. If I were her… I would ask the judge for at least $5K/month. These chicks sharing their man with women, and the men don’t even have enough respect to wear protection??? So Eudo gets to inherit all the nasty STD’s these h*es are carrying. SMH….. fame is a powerful drug.

  2. He is a damn liar – fuck what you pullin it – what do you have – Cause assets are inculded and GA will make you dilute them for cash – He is so triflin for this – If you didnt want to deal with the aftermath – then you shouldnt of created the storm! SMH

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